Easy Tips To Keep Your Pooja Items Looking Shiny And New

Easy Tips To Keep Your Pooja Items Looking Shiny And New

Pooja room is the most important place in our home. Pooja room is a center of positivity. Everyone cleans their pooja items weekly. Moreover, we do not want to see our Pooja items greasy, dark and sticky. Fortunately, cleaning Pooja items will not be a tedious process. Vooki’s dishwashing liquid is designed to clean all the Pooja items and look new.

Pooja Item Cleaning Liquid

Buy best dish washing liquid from Vooki, no preservatives and no synthetic colors are added to it. Eco friendly dishwashing liquid removes the tarnish, greasy and oils completely from your Pooja items. Dish washing liquid price is affordable that cleans Pooja items within 30 seconds.

How to clean pooja items

Silver and brass pooja items will tarnish naturally. Want to know how to clean pooja items? Well you can care it. Buy dish washing liquid from Vooki to clean Pooja items at home. Vooki experts recommend cleaning silver and brass pooja items.

  1. Take a spoon of Vooki's best dish washing liquid and place it in a bowl.
  2. Mix our best dish washing liquid in India with water.
  3. You can add half a bowl of water for a spoon of dish washing gel.
  4. Clean your Pooja items with a scrub dipped in dish washing liquid solution.
  5. Scrub gently on Pooja items.
  6. Rinse it off thoroughly with clean water.
  7. And now, your brass and silver Pooja items look shiny and brand new.



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