Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips for A Sparkling Home

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips for A Sparkling Home

Baking dozens of cookies and purchasing gifts for our loved ones is a fun partof the holiday season. Apart from that, there are a bunch of cleaning tasks to tackle. It is necessary to start your cleaning process as early as possible. Prepare a checklist and plan to start your housekeeping tasks in advance. Here are a few cleaning tips that can help to burst out your stress of cleaning for holidays and ends up in a sparkling home when the big day begins.

Start from your kitchen

Kitchen is the hub of the home and is a workplacefor cooking food. Stovetop acts like a magnet for spills and strains. Always a quick wipe will prevent the strains and liquid from hardening. Hence, we need to do a deep clean on the stovetop surface to remove tough stains like grease build upthat looks anything but appetizing. Disinfecting your gas stove will prevent the spreading of germs and bacteria.

  • Clean up your stovetop, surfaces, and grates – Choose a nature derived cleaning products as harsh chemicals will wear away the surface of the gas stove. Buy hard stains wipe and spray from Vooki which helps to clean tough stains on your stovetop. Hard stains Cleaner removes harmful bacteria and increases the lifespan of your gas stove.
  • Wipe down the kitchen cabinets - Kitchen cabinets take a lot of accidental spills and a continuous barrage of fingerprints. If you neglect it, it may result in grease, grime, dirt, and smears which build up in the nook and corners of your kitchen cabinet. Buy disinfectant cleaner or spray from Vooki and spray it on the surface of the cabinet. Wait for 30 seconds and wipe it using a damp cloth and visualize a sparkling and germ-free cabinet.
  • Clean the kitchen sink and dish drainer- Clean your kitchen sink and dish drainer regularly using hard stains cleaner spray from Vooki which offers 24 hours antibacterial germ protection with nature-derived sustainable ingredients.
  • Damp-mop the kitchen floor- Mopping the kitchen floor is one of the time-consuming chores in your cleaning list. But still, there is a faster and easier way to clean it. Buy floor & surface cleaner from Vooki that holds globally recognized Green Pro certification and is a Type 1 Eco label certified product in India. Shop online for best floor & surface cleaning liquid and pick the one that suits your floor cleaning needs.
  • Wipe down all large and small appliances- Kitchen appliances are used for breakfast to meal preparation. Small kitchen appliances usually sit near our kitchen counters such as toaster ovens, food processors, instant pots, and juicers that can save time and energy in the kitchen. Vooki disinfectant cleaner spray keeps your small and large appliances shiny and new—without fear of damage.

Clean up the refrigerator, making room for party foods

The refrigerator is continuously working hard to keep your food and drinks cold.Usually, the interior ofthe fridge gets lined with odors,spills,and overcrowding, while in the exterior region, you can see sticky smudges and fingerprints. Home care products from Vooki power out grime, cuts through grease and oils, and remove difficult stains in the fridge without bleach and caustic chemicals. The fragrance present in the cleanerwill deodorize old food smells in your fridge but it will not leave behind residue that could be absorbed by your food.

Spray the cleaner in a zigzag motion from top to bottom of the fridge and wipe it off. Do remember to wipe off the fridge top, sides and door handles. Keep your fridge clean and fill it up with party foods.

Clean front-door glass

Cleaning the front door glass will be at the top of your cleaning checklist. The pesky film of dirt and water spots left behind prevents natural light from illuminating your home. Most of us use commercial glass cleaners and vinegar solutions, without considering the off-putting and lingering smell. They do not handle anything remotely greasy, like soot or pollution.

Buy Glass Cleaner Online in India that helps to simplify the process and leave your windows looking crystal clear and streak free. The ammonia-free formula found in our ultimate glass cleaner is a safer alternative when compared to hazardous window cleaners. Best glass cleaner from Vooki does not require any additional wiping time and elbow grease that a less effective solution, like vinegar and water, does.

Wipe down bathroom mirrors and counters

It might be frustrating for you to look at the streaks in the bathroom mirror.Bathroom Mirrors are notoriously easy to smudge and streak grubby fingerprints, hairspray residue, toothpaste splatters, and general dust. When you wipe away a greasy or oily smudge continuously, you're left with streakiness. Improper cleaning techniques can worsen the problem even more.

Buy Glass & Surface Cleaner spray from Vooki made of naturally-derived formula that cleans without ammonia, leaving behind nothing but a streak-free mirror. Also, wipe down floors using floor cleaner spray from Vooki with a damp towel.The fragrance in glass& surface cleaner removes stubborn soils, smudges smell and keeps your home in holiday mood.

Put toilet bowl cleaner in the toilets

Dirty toilets look bad and stink up your entire bathroom. Toilet bowl cleaner tablets or disks contain chemicals that damage the porcelain and scratch the surface of your toilet, making it difficult to clean in future.

Buy Toilet Bowl Cleaner that is eco-friendlyand streamlines the toilet cleaning process. It doesn't contain harsh chemicals and acidic fumes. Toilet Bowl Cleaner protects further formation of yellow scales, stubborn stains and can be used for 100 flushesthat leave your bathroom smelling clean and fresh at the same time.

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