How To Descale A Kettle?

How To Descale A Kettle?

Most people prefer an electric kettle which is easy to use. But still, it is important to clean the interior and exterior of an electric kettle in order to remove mineral build up, and bacteria. This can lead to flakes in your tea, or boiled water and makes your kettle to work slowly. It is easy to clean up your kettle using limescale remover spray available at Vooki, best online shopping portal to buy eco friendly cleaning products online in India.

How to Descale a kettle?

Buy best limescale remover for kettle from Vooki that helps to descale your kettle.  Clean your kettle once a week with our eco friendly limescale remover spray that prevents hard water limescale build up inside the kettle. Follow the tips by our Vooki experts to descale your kettle.

  • Just spray the limescale remover directly inside the kettle.
  • Wait for 30 seconds. Then clean it with a brush or scrub.
  • If the scaling inside the kettle is heavy, spray Vooki’s limescale remover and wait for 60 seconds.
  • Use non-metallic sponge or scrub to descale the kettle.
  • Best limescale remover spray cleans the calcium deposits as well as removes the odor in it.

Buy limescale remover spray + scrub from Vooki and say bye to limescale deposits in your kettle.

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