Spread Love, not Germs. vooki germ protection combo is curated with best of the...

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An Eco-Friendly choice for your home

Spread Love, not Germs. vooki germ protection combo is curated with best of the class revolutionary products made with non toxic ingredients and protect your home from germs

Product Details

Products included in the combo are:
1.Active Germ Shield Disinfectant Spray 500ml
2.Hand Sanitizer 500ml
3.Disinfectant Cleaner 500ml

Product Description

Active Germ Shield Disinfectant Spray :
*Just 1 Spray = 14 Days germ protection
*vooki Germ Shield is a High performance disinfection shield that works on auto pilot mode, round the clock for 14 days, consistently defending & killing germs.
*Safe to use at Home. Colorless, less odor, low toxic
*Multi-Surface application: Can be used on Plastics, Polymer, Resin, Textile, Wood, Glass, Metal, Door

Hand Sanitizer:
*Instant Action: vooki Hand Sanitizer kills 99.9% germs instantly within 30 seconds.
*Non Sticky
*Pleasant Fragrance
*Works without Water

Disinfectant Cleaner:
Germ Protection: Effective against microbes like bacteria, fungi, virus etc. After application, the germ protection is extended to a brief time upto 5 hours* (tested under lab conditions)
*No rinse
After applying allow to dry for 15 minutes Dilution Ratio: For Cleaning 1:100 | For Disinfection 1:50 | For critical areas: use undiluted
Frequency of use: For healthy germ free clean ambience, and domestic households, recommend to use every day and Hospitality institutions and commercial properties, twice a day.

Rs. 699.00