Floor+hard Surface Cleaner

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vooki is the 1st Indian floor cleaner brand which offers 24 hours antibacterial germ protection^ with non toxic ingredients that are skin safe and biodegradable.”

Advanced P3 Formula penetrates the surface & cuts through the deep roots of stains and wipes it away easily without leaving any residue of either dirt or liquid. Ensures the surface clean & shine after every mopping session.

Kills 99.9 germs* : The antibacterial properties built-in ensures destroying more than 100 types of household germs

24 HOURS GERM PROTECTION^ : not just killing germs but also protects the cleaned surface area for all-day-round-the-clock from microbial formation^.

No Harsh Chemicals used (No Acid I No Ammonia I No Bleach) to make up the cleaning. We used earth friendly human safe ingredients.

Skin Safe : Hardness is only on dirt & stains. Its pH neutral composition makes it gentle and soft to human skin

Application Areas: Tiles, Marbles, Granite, Wood, Cement, Kitchen countertops, Ceramic, Steel, Mica, Aluminium, Iron, Glass, Acrylic, Plastic, Mosaic and other washable hard surfaces