[E] HAND SANITIZER LIQUID | instant germ kill - non sticky
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[E] HAND SANITIZER LIQUID | instant germ kill - non sticky

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Hand Sanitizer Price is Rs.245 (80%v/v Ethanol) Buy Hand Sanitizer online at best price that kills 99.9% germs instantly within 30 seconds. Product Details Best Hand sanitizers(80%v/v Ethanol) Instant Action: vooki Hand Sanitizer kills 99.9% germs instantly within 30 seconds....



Buy Hand Sanitizer Liquid Online at Best Price

Eco-friendly hand sanitizer is useful to wash your hands without soap and water. Buy eco-friendly hand sanitizer liquid with nature derived ingredients which could be kind to your skin and more moisturizing than conventional hand sanitizer gels. Best liquid sanitizer leaves your hands dry and chapped. During this pandemic situation, it is very essential to buy hand sanitizer which keeps you and your family free from viruses. Eco-friendly hand sanitizer products are plastic-free packaging and also have refillable options. 

Buy best sanitizer liquid from Vooki which contains 80% alcohol for effective sanitation plus vegetable glycerin to help relieve dry skin. It is a liquid based hand sanitizer which are extra eco-friendly and sustainable. This plastic-free hand sanitizing gel has a concentration of 80% (v/v) ethanol content, in line with recommendations from the World Health Organization.

Hand Sanitizer Liquid – Product Description


 Vooki Hand Sanitizer Liquid




500 ml




Liquid Gel

Packaging Type          


Used For                     





Best eco friendly liquid hand sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs, gentle on skin and hypoallergenic. Liquid sanitizer price is available at best price and it has been derived from raw materials that contain no petrochemicals, phosphates, preservatives, enzymes or synthetic perfumes. 

Hand Sanitizer Liquid Price In India

Hand Sanitizer Liquid price in India is Rs. 245. Buy Hand Sanitizer online and get the best price which are extra eco-friendly and sustainable.

Buy Hand Sanitizers Online

Buy hand sanitizers through our online shopping portal, Vooki. We have a wide range of liquid hand sanitizers in India that comes in a pack of 200ML, 500ML, hand sanitizer tube of 60 ml are also available. Hand sanitizer tube acts as a perfect moisturizer. Visit preferred e-commerce site, and buy hand sanitizers liquid online in a quick and easy manner. Sanitizer spray bottles and pocket-friendly hand sanitizer tubes are among the container types available. In a few days, these hand rubs sanitizer liquid will be sent to your home. It is one of the safest hand sanitizer in India. Buy high-quality hand sanitizers online to keep yourself and your family safe
Buy Personal hygiene products online in India from Vooki and keep your hands safe.

Hand Sanitizer Price in India

Buy hand sanitizer liquid online at best price which is formulated to instantly kill 99.99% germs without using water and soap. Vooki experts have listed the price of hand sanitizer:

Buy Hand Sanitizer Online Hand Sanitizer Price
Hand Sanitizer Liquid 500 ml Rs. 245
Hand Sanitizer Liquid 5 litres Can Rs.2,400

FAQ- Hand Sanitizer

1.What Is The Price Of Hand Sanitizer In India?

2.Where Can I Buy Hand Sanitizer Online?

3.Which Is The Safest Hand Sanitizer In India?

4.Which Brand Hand Sanitizer Is Best In India?

1. What Is The Price Of Hand Sanitizer In India?

Buy hand sanitizers online, which can be found and purchased on online websites. Buy hand sanitizer online from Vooki, available in liquid format. Hand sanitizers in Vooki are available in a variety of quantities such as 60ml, 200ml 500 ml, pack sizes, and container types. Vooki’s hand sanitizer price in India ranges from Rs.177 to Rs. 750.

2.Where Can I Buy Hand Sanitizer Online?

Searching where to buy hand sanitizers online? Buy Hand Sanitizers Online in India at the best prices on Vooki, where you can buy the most popular eco-friendly product in India. Vooki’s hand sanitizers come in various forms such as liquids, gels, sprays, and foams. Best hand sanitizers in India are available in different pack sizes 500ml with/ without operate pumps and compositions are ready for use. It is one of the best personal hygiene products in India.

3.Which Is The Safest Hand Sanitizer In India?

Vooki Hand Sanitizer is the safest hand sanitizer in India. It contains glycerin, which keeps your hands soft and gentle. As soon as it is applied hand sanitizer liquid evaporates fast and your hands will remain as dry as they were before. As a result, there will be no residue from the sanitizer. Hand sanitizers have also been advised by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a means to avoid Covid-19 while maintaining basic hygiene. Buy liquid hand sanitizer online, one of the best hand sanitizers in India.

4.Which Brand Hand Sanitizer Is Best In India?

Vooki hand sanitizer is available in a 500 ml bottle with a pleasant fragrance. Buy best branded and sanitizer online in India which gives germ-free protection anywhere, anytime. Pocket friendly hand sanitizers are also available in Vooki and it is the perfect choice for travel buddies.Treat your skin with one of the perfect personal hygiene products made of natural ingredients. It works efficiently and is suitable for all types of skins. Vooki has a variety of offers for customers who purchase liquid hand sanitizer.

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