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Glass + Smooth Surface Cleaner | Streak Free Shine with Ammonia free Formula

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Non-toxic, no ammonia glass cleaner for all types of glass indoor and outdoor. Removes dirt, smudges and all kinds of dirt on glass and gives streak free shine.


  • •Ammonia free formula gives STREAK FREE SHINE - safe for surface, people and the planet
  • •Advanced P3 formula clears dirt without any residue
  • •pH Balanced - Non toxic ingredients
  • •Safe on on all types of glass like tinted, etched, frosted, etc..
  • •Can be used on any glass and smooth surface like windows, mirrors, acrylic, automobile wind shields, photo frames, mica, modular kitchen, etc..



  • Blend of easily biodegradable surfactants
  • Inert ingredients
  • Sequestering agents
  • Fragrance
  • Aqua


    Direction to use:

  • Point the trigger nozzle to the surface. Gently pull the trigger to dispense. Use a dry clean cloth for cleaning.

  • Application:

  • Windows, tinted glass, smooth & shiny surfaces like plastic, fibre, stainless steel, acrylic, mirror, windshield, automobile windows,cabinets, home appliances, washable painted walls etc.


Advantage of ammonia free cleaner?

Ammonia free cleaners give streak free cleaning even on surfaces that have direct sun light falling on it. You should also be aware that ammonia based cleaners bring down indoor air quality and that’s the reason for us to roll out ammonia free cleaners.

No, Vooki glass + smooth surface cleaner don't not have ammonia in it.

Does the product work on glass shower doors?

Yes, it works on Glass shower doors. To remove the stain, use vooki hard stain cleaner, then finish it off with glass cleaner for a streak-free shine.

Can it be used for glass oven doors?

It can be used on oven glass doors (external surface), make sure that you use it after turning off the oven.

Will this spray get my hairspray marks off my mirror?

It is very good on the glass, use a proper microfiber cloth best result.

Can I get rid of smudges and fingerprints Streak-free?

Yes, Vooki glass cleaner is known for its streak-free and smudge-free cleaning

Can this be used on a glass cooker top to shine it?

Yes it can be used, make sure its in switch-off condition

Does the company sell refill packs?

No, unfortunately, we do not sell refill packs as of now, will do in the near future.

Would this be effective at cleaning the outside of a Velux window that has green streaks of algae growing on it?

Use our Vooki disinfectant cleaner to get rid of algae and finish it off with our ammonia-free Vooki glass cleaner for streak free shine.

Will this clean oil stains on a mirrors

Yes, it does clean oil stains on mirrors.

Does it clear soap scum

Vooki hard stains cleaner is useful to clean soap scum, finish it off with Vooki glass cleaner.

Can this be used on acrylic mirrors?

Yes it can be used on acrylic mirrors.

Is this suitable for the outside of car windscreens?

Yes,it can be used on car windscreens for a streak-free shine. As Vooki glass cleaner is ammonia-free, it is also safe for car wipers.

Does this cleaning product have a strong chemical or fragranced smell?

It comes with a pleasant fragrance.

Will this be effective on my glass dining table?

The product can be used on glass dining tables to remove heavy stains. Spray and wait for 60secs, then wiping off for a clean surface.

Can you use this product on tinted glass windows?

Absolutely, our product can be used on tinted glass windows

Can this be used on hand mirrors?

Yes, it can be used on hand mirrors.

Will this clean up an old cloudy mirror?

This product will remove grease and dirt from mirrors

Does this glass cleaner contain vinegar?

No, it doesnt contain vinegar.

Is this safe to use on dining tables/ like where people sit to eat?

It can be used on dining tables. The no-rinse formula dries fast and keeps the surface streak-free. (Avoid spraying near food).

Is this anywhere as good as the competition?

Vooki glass cleaner has incomparable performance, with its no ammonia formula. The formulation is safe and friendly for the people, planet, and surface.

What kind of cloth should I use for cleaning?

We recommend micro fiber cloth for cleaning.

Can this be used to clean an adhesive like 3dlac or glue stick off a sheet of borosilicate glass on the bed of a 3D printer?

This is a standard glass cleaner designed for ordinary household grime.

Can this cleaner be used on granite work surfaces?

We suggest our Vooki floor cleaner for the same.

Can this be used as a specs cleaner?

Please be informed that this product is not suitable to be used for specs/sun glasses.

Does this only remove grease and dirt or does it tackle watermarks on a shower glass? If so, is it very effective at doing this?

Watermarks are dissolved salts and can be easily removed by Vooki hard stain cleaner.

Can you advise the best cloth to use with this? Can you use a kitchen roll? Or a microfiber cloth?

We always suggest microfiber cloth.

What are the ingredients?

Our products are made up of a unique blend of nature-derived surfactants.

Is this product alkaline? What ph is it?

We recommend rinsing the marble if our product is sprayed on this surface.

Can this be used on LCD TV screens or laptops?

NO, not suitable, use vooki screen cleaner and electronic component cleaner.

Can it be used in green buildings?

Vooki glass cleaner has been certified with Type 1 Eco label – Green Pro certification. It can be used in green buildings.

Experience the perfect duo for tough stains and sparkling glass with our innovative combo of a hard stain remover and glass cleaner. Effortlessly remove stains and achieve streak-free shine in one convenient product. Introducing our remarkablecombo of a hard stain remover and glass cleaner, designed to provide you with the ultimate cleaning solution for both tough stains and pristine glass surfaces. Here's what makes this combo stand out: 1. Unparalleled Stain Removing Power: Our hard stain remover is formulated with advanced technology to effectively tackle the toughest stains on various surfaces. Whether it's grease, oil, food stains, or even ink, our powerful formula penetrates deep to lift and eliminate stains, restoring surfaces to their original clean state. 2. Crystal Clear Glass Cleaning: The glass cleaner in this combo is specifically engineered to deliver streak-free, crystal-clear results on windows, mirrors, and glass surfaces. Its specially formulated solution effortlessly removes fingerprints, smudges, dirt, and grime, leaving behind a sparkling, streak-free shine that enhances the overall aesthetics of your home. 3. Convenience and Efficiency Combined: With our combo product, you get the convenience of having two essential cleaning solutions in one. This saves you time, effort, and money, as you no longer need to purchase separate products for stain removal and glass cleaning. Our combo offers a streamlined cleaning experience, allowing you to tackle multiple cleaning tasks with ease. 4. Versatility and Multi-Surface Compatibility: The hard stain remover and glass cleaner combo is suitable for a wide range of surfaces. It can be used on countertops, tiles, appliances, painted walls, and various other hard surfaces, making it an ideal choice for cleaning kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas prone to stains. Additionally, it is gentle and safe for use on different types of glass surfaces, ensuring compatibility and optimal results. 5. Environmentally Friendly and Safe: Our combo is designed with the environment and your safety in mind. It is free from harsh chemicals and toxins, making it safe for use around your family, including children and pets. The eco-friendly formula is also gentle on surfaces, minimizing any potential damage or discoloration. Experience the unbeatable cleaning power and convenience of our hard stain remover and glass cleaner combo. Effortlessly remove stubborn stains while achieving crystal-clear, streak-free glass surfaces for a spotless and dazzling home.

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