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I have been using vooki products from may 2020. I am using the floor cleaner and the toilet bowl cleaner. I am very satisfied with the floor cleaner aa it has an amazing fragrance and has 99.9%germ protection.. i have a toddler at home so have to make sure that the surfaces are clean. Apart from that i had used the floor cleaner on my taps and fittings and the reults were very good the old scaling marks had reduced to 70%. The toilet bowl cleaner also ni acid and it has removed the yellow stains on my toilet rim. I am very happy to be using vooki products and have stopped using products with acid contents .

Sandhya Jain

Vooki sanitizer smells mild and awesome.... Evaporates fast and feel refreshing....ma kids like de fragrance.... We use it regularly..


Before vooki we had bought and tried a lot of hand sanitizer s in the market but found everything to be very sticky , soapy and very harsh to the skin. The first time I used vooki hand sanitizer it just dissolved, smelled pleasant and felt good on my skin. Not just the hand sanitizer , their surface cleaners and stain removers are amazing too. I highly recommend their products.

Nishanthi Vignesh

The VOOKI glass cleaner is too good. It does a great deal of help with the scaling on the shower cubicles. Their products are eco friendly which deserves a big shout out! HAPPY PLANET, HAPPY ME !!

Sofiya Senthilkumar

Wide range and best quality I have been using Vooki products for quite sometime and they are the best in quality. Their floor cleaners and disinfectants kills germs and has a very pleasant fragrance too. They have a wide range of products like floor disinfectant, glass and smooth surface cleaners, mobile screen cleaner, hand sanitizers. Their products are made from eco friendly ingredients which are non toxic, skin friendly and bio degradable which offers anti bacterial germ protection 24 hours a day. I would recommend Vooki over other cleaning products.

Sangeetha Peter