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How Do You Use Glass Cleaner Spray?

How Do You Use Glass Cleaner Spray?

 Trust is like glass once broken it will never be the same again. Glass elevates the beauty of any surface. Glass is not only a thing of beauty and royalty, it is Eco-Friendly. Glass is more environmentally beneficial since it does not emit hazardous fumes throughout the manufacturing process. It is charismatic, Eye-Catching and adaptable. A thing of such beauty and delicacy definitely needs a remotest care.Try Vooki ammonia free formula which creates a streak free shine without damaging the glass. Apply a generous amount of Vooki Glass+Surface cleaner to a regular MF towel. Rub it against the window and work in 15-inch-by-15-inch sections. Continue rubbing until the surface feels clean (do not allow it to dry). Quickly grab the waffle weave and wipe the window clean until the entire product is gone. Glass surface! Trust Vooki!

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