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Heavy Duty Toilet Bowl Cleaner - Powerful Deep Cleaning, fumeless, Eco-friendly* - 500 ml

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The ultimate deep cleaning solution - for tackling the most stubborn stains on your toilet bowl.
*-Type 1 Eco Label Certified
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  • • Formulated with powerful organic acids
  • • Effectively cleans tough stains, mineral deposits, rust, and grime without compromising porcelain or ceramic surfaces
  • • Powerful cleaning formula effortlessly eliminates hard water stains, urine stains, and other unsightly marks
  • • Gentle on skin and safe to use
  • • Free from harsh fumes
  • • No harmful acids/abrasive ingredients that damage toilets or plumbing systems
  • • Biodegradable and safe for planet


    • Mixture of organic acids
    • Anionic surfactant
    • Thickener
    • Dye
    • Fragrance
    • Inert Ingredients
    • Aqua


      Direction to use:

    • Apply the liquid and leave for 15-20 mins. Scrub clean with a brush and flush.

    • Application areas:

    • Toilet Bowl, Wash basins, Sinks, etc


    1. How does Heavy Duty Toilet Bowl Cleaner work?

    Heavy Duty Toilet Bowl Cleaner works by using its powerful organic formula to dissolve tough stains, mineral deposits, rust, and grime, leaving the toilet bowl clean and fresh. It breaks down the stains, making them easier to remove during the cleaning process.

    2. What makes Heavy Duty Toilet Bowl Cleaner effective against tough stains?

    Heavy Duty Toilet Bowl Cleaner's potent acidic formula chemically reacts with tough stains, breaking them down and facilitating easy removal, including hard water stains, mineral deposits, rust, and grime. Its powerful action makes it highly effective in achieving a clean and stain-free toilet bowl.

    3. Can Heavy Duty Toilet Bowl Cleaner remove hard water stains?

    Absolutely! Heavy Duty Toilet Bowl Cleaner is formulated to tackle hard water stains by using its potent acidic formula to dissolve and eliminate the mineral deposits, leaving your toilet bowl clean and free from the unsightly marks caused by hard water. Regular use ensures a spotless and pristine toilet bowl.

    4. Is Heavy Duty Toilet Bowl Cleaner safe to use on all types of toilets?

    Heavy Duty Toilet Bowl Cleaner may not be safe for all types of toilets due to its strong acidic nature, which could potentially damage sensitive surfaces. Before use, always check the manufacturer's guidelines and test on a small area to ensure compatibility and avoid any harm.

    5. How often should I use Heavy Duty Toilet Bowl Cleaner for optimal results?

    For optimal results, use Heavy Duty Toilet Bowl Cleaner as needed based on the level of stains and grime buildup. Generally, using it once a week or every two weeks for regular maintenance is recommended, but frequency may vary depending on your toilet's usage and water hardness.


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