Unleashing the Power of VOOKI Hard Stain Spray + Wipe

Unleashing the Power of VOOKI Hard Stain Spray + Wipe

Have you heard of the reference: ‘an immovable object v/s an unstoppable force’? At first it sounds like the object is simply hard to move or even push an inch. But the moment you hear of the ‘unstoppable force’, it dawns on the mind that perhaps nothing can stand in its way, even the so-called ‘immovable object’. Today we’re going to take you through a similar match-up: Stubborn stains vs VOOKI’s Hard Stain Remover. And find out how good an ally VOOKI Hard Stain Spray + Wipe can be in your fight against stubborn stains at your home. 

Now, VOOKI’s Hard Stain Spray + Wipe isn't like the usual stain removers or cleaners that rely on harsh chemicals and abrasive agents. Much like the other products in the VOOKI catalog, our Hard stain remover leverages the power of organic solvents derived from natural sources. However  heavy or potent the stains may be, the hard stain remover penetrates deep into surfaces, breaking down stains and grime at the molecular level without causing damage or leaving behind toxic residues.

While the main objective is stain removal, the thought process that goes behind the Hard Stain remover is pretty intensive and intuitive. The team at VOOKI takes the efforts in order to ensure the following:

  • Versatility: Whether you're cleaning kitchen surfaces, plumbing fixtures, wall panels or cabinets, this all-purpose cleaner can handle a wide range of surfaces and stains with remarkable efficiency.
  • Effectiveness: VOOKI Hard Stain remover deploys its action on most stubborn stains, including grease, oil, coffee, wine, ink, and more. Its intense P3 Formula penetrates the surface & breaks down the deep roots of stains. This will let you wipe those unrelenting stains away, saving you time and effort in your cleaning routine. 
  • Safety: There can be no second thoughts when it comes to safety. Which is why, we use non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally sensitive ingredients in a formulation that is pH friendly, which makes it absolutely safe even in environments where children and pets are always around. 
  • Ease of Use: Convenience is almost a basic in modern lifestyles, and VOOKI Hard Stain remover delivers on this front. You don’t have to worry about mixing or diluting the liquid with water or any other solvents. With its simple spray-and-wipe application method, using VOOKI Hard Stain remover is as easy as a breeze. And, there's no need for physically intensive scrubbing or buffing – just spray, wait for a little while and wipe away the stains.
  • Sustainability: This is one thing we will never give up on. In fact, we adhere to the 12 principles of Green Chemistry with every step we take. Right from sourcing the most viable eco-friendly ingredients to using recyclable packaging materials and all the way to ensuring their safe decomposition after use, VOOKI embodies a commitment to reducing our environmental footprint and promoting a cleaner, greener future for all.  

Where to use it?

  • Stove Tops: Stove tops often bear the brunt of spills and splatters during cooking, resulting in stubborn grease and food stains. VOOKI Hard Stain remover cuts through grease and grime, leaving your stove top spotless and grease-free.
  • Kitchen Counters: Kitchen counters are natural harbors to a variety of stains, including spills from coffee, tea, sauces, and oils. VOOKI Hard Stain remover effortlessly clears these stains, leaving your counters sanitized and looking afresh and new.
  • Exhaust Fan: The exhaust fan blades are very prone to accumulate grease and dust over time, causing it to run slow and lose efficiency and appearance. VOOKI Hard stain remover gets rid of grease and dirt buildup, ensuring optimal ventilation and hygiene in your kitchen.
  • Walls: Walls, especially the walls closer to cooktops or stoves are not immune to stains, whether from food splatters, crayon marks, or scuff marks. VOOKI Hard Stain remover is gentle yet effective on tiled surfaces, lifting away stains without damaging the shine of the surface.
  • Chimneys: Chimneys can accumulate grease and soot, leading to unpleasant odors and reduced functionality. VOOKI Hard Stain remover dissolves grease and grime, restoring the efficiency and cleanliness of your chimney.

    How to Use VOOKI Hard Stain remover?

    While you can use a simple spray & wipe action to use VOOKI Hard Stain remover liquid, there is a process you can follow to yield exceptional results:

    • Preparation: Before spraying the VOOKI Hard Stain remover, get rid of any loose debris or surface contaminants from the portion that requires cleaning. This ensures optimal application of the cleaning liquid and the stained surface.
    • Application: Spray VOOKI Hard Stain remover directly onto the stained area in a lateral swinging motion ensuring thorough coverage. For particularly stubborn stains, allow the cleaner to dwell for a few minutes to allow the cleaning solution to cover the affected area effectively.
    • Agitation: For an enhanced cleaning performance on very stubborn stains, use a brush, sponge, or a microfiber cloth to agitate the stained area gently in a circular motion. This helps to loosen embedded dirt and grime, facilitating their removal during the cleaning process.
    • Wipe Away: Using a clean, dry cloth or sponge, wipe away the dissolved stains and residues from the surface. Repeat this step as needed until the desired level of cleanliness is achieved.
    • Dry: Allow the cleansed surface to dry naturally by leaving it exposed to air or use a clean towel or cloth to pat it dry. Admire the restored beauty and cleanliness of your surfaces, courtesy of VOOKI Hard Stain remover.

    VOOKI Hard Stain remover is one of the very few cleaning products in the market sourced from natural ingredients. At VOOKI, we combine its potent formulation with environmentally sensitive packaging to offer a product that stands for sustainability. And with this spirit in our product line, we at VOOKI look forward to redefining the standards of cleanliness and convenience in household cleaning. Embrace the power of clean with VOOKI Hard Stain remover and elevate your cleaning experience today. With VOOKI Hard Stain remover, cleaning becomes not just a chore, but a rewarding and transformative experience.And join with us in the #TackleEveryMess movement, everytime you get your hands on a VOOKI product.

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