Germ killing or Germ protection - which action to choose?

“Hey! These terms are so familiar and I’ve been using it without discrimination” This would have been the thought that first comes to your mind on reading the title. No worries, that’s quiet common,but they have a world of difference. Its important that you get some clarity and specially now,when we are in the midst of a pandemic right information is valuable or, I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I say ‘life saving ’.
Lets deep dive to know more. Umpteen products are available in the market that offer germ killing action. These products either use alcohol or Quaternary ammonium compounds.

Alcohol based disinfectants start killing germs almost instantly within 30 sec of coming into contact with the surface and then subsequently evaporates leaving behind no residue to kill further germs that land on the surface either through air or from contact. We can conclude that a surface cleaned with alcohol is void of germs for the moment and holds no guarantee of protecting the surface any further /beyond.
On the other hand products that use quats for disinfection start the action of killing germs after a contact time of 5 min or more as they stand on the surface. The action of killing germs lasts for 1-2 hours or as claimed by the product manufacturer only if the surface is left untouched or maintained without abrasions.But if the surface is disturbed by contact or by wiping the actives on the surface is removed and is prone to germs once again. So its like you should not touch the surface ever, to keep the disinfectant working

But this is practically not possible with our children running around the house and we having to remember not to touch disinfected surfaces. Either we leave the surface untouched or keep disinfecting on repeat mode,this seems impossible and even more when it comes to common touch points.

So is there a solution ?

Yes, its ‘Vooki Germ shield’. The revolutionary product offers both germ killing & germ protection in a single go. 

You can use it on door knobs, elevator buttons, electric switches, cushions and many more. It forms a coating on the surface with antimicrobial actives which withstand wear & tear and keep working on auto pilot mode round the clock for 14 days. So it directly conveys that once a surface is protected with Vooki Germ Shield it keeps killing germs for 14 days and needs no attention. Vooki germ shield is formulated with nature derived ingredients that are skin safe and biodegradable with 99.99% germ protection and kills virus,bacteria,mold and fungus.   

With this sort of a guarantee assured, your next question would be "How do I believe the product stays on a surface for 14 days?”
 Your question is genuine, tests were conducted for antimicrobial activity from day one to 14 by introducing new germ entries at regular intervals on the treated surface and have proved to keep killing germs on all the 14 days. The surface was also subjected to wear and tear activities similar to home conditions and germ shield layer stayed intact without giving in. We also hold verified test reports for the 14 day germ protection action of Vooki Germ Shield and give you a guaranteed germ free home . Opt for germ protection over germ killing and stay protected.  

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