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     Patchy white bathroom tiles - tired of scrubbing your bathroom fittings and faucets only to find tough hard water deposits that just wont go?Looking for a limescale remover? You have come to the right place. Let's first look at what limescale is, why water becomes hard and how it is not match for vooki Tough Limescale Spray + Scrub.

Ground Water

Ground water is the term for any water body that is found under the surface of earth, between the rock and soil formations.

Pure rainwater slowly seeps into the surface of the earth into the soil strata. When this soil strata saturates, it causes the water to percolate downwards, and in this process the water absorbs the various minerals in the rocks. This water now has become rich in minerals and becomes hard water.

What does hard water contain?

Water that is rich in minerals like calcium and magnesium carbonates or sulfates is termed as hard water. Water, being a very good solvent, absorbs the minerals from the rocks like limestone, gypsum or chalk. It is typically tested for hardness at home with the lack of foam formation. Lathery soapy water is called soft water and the one which doesn’t lather well is termed as mineral or hard water. This hard water is not directly harmful to us humans. In fact, the minerals in this hard water like calcium are what we try to supplement food with for stronger bones or teeth.

 There are two types of hard water - Permanent and Temporary. Permanent hardness is due to the presence of calcium or magnesium sulfates or chlorides, both of which are difficult to remove by boiling. Temporary hardness is due to the presence of calcium or magnesium bicarbonates and can be reduced by boiling or the addition of softening agents.


Identified visually as white chalky deposits or brown patches. These scales pose a serious issue on some plumbing components. Any surface, be it metal, plastic or porcelain, can get deposits of such limescales. When heat or pressure is applied to water, exsolution occurs. This is the term coined for the separation of two substances that were previously in a homogeneous state. In our case, water with all its dissolved minerals during this temperature or pressure change, evaporates causing the minerals to precipitate and stick to the surface around.

These deposits on such hard surfaces are called limescales or hard water scales or salt water scales. The scales are often colored due to the iron content.

Soap Scum

The calcium content, in hard water, reacts when it comes in contact with soap. This reaction forms a thin layer called scum. This gets deposited on any surface and is usually easy to clean with just water when scrubbed. This can be found in many surfaces in the bathroom like the taps, sinks, baths, floor, walls, drains, etc..

How Limescale is removed

To get rid of these limescales, people have been using limescale removers for years now in their bathroom cleaning routine. These toilet cleaners or tile cleaners are usually made up of some form of an acid. The acids in such tap cleaners can either be strong harsh ones like the hydrochloric acids that are found in toilet cleaners or they can be natural acids like citric acid, vinegar or lactic acids. These acids react with the metallic deposits and make them soluble and thus getting washed away when rinsed.
The more harsh the acid, the more the damage to the person handling them and also the surface that they clean. The mild ones also end up leaving some form of damage to the surface which may not be visible immediately but on repeated use, we can find the damage it does while cleaning limescale.

 These limescale removers are usually in the form of some powder or a concentrated solution that you will have to mix or dilute with water.

 In case of some DIY (Do It Yourself) methods, you will have to mix up a weird messy concoction before cleaning the surface. This paste requires you to leave it on the surface you are cleaning, wrapped up with a plastic wrap, for about two hours or so after application. And then you have to scrub the surface with metallic scrubs. At the end of this process, you have wasted time, energy and ended up with probably clean looking surfaces.


 Look close, are there scratches on the surface? What about the beautiful and expensive chrome coated fittings you invested in for your toilets? Do you notice how the surface has lost it's shine and starts slowly peeling off?

 Even if not immediately, there is always a risk in trying DIYs you find on the web.

vooki Tough Limescale Spray + Scrub

Made from carefully selected green acids, vooki Tough Limescale Spray + Scrub is made with no harsh chemicals, especially no ammonia or Bleach that causes most damage in terms of health or surface damage. This careful selection of ingredients ensures that there are absolutely zero acidic fumes while using our product.

 Our revolutionary DAC technology gives us the unbeatable performance within seconds. It removes soap scum and hard water deposits on all types of hard surfaces. Our descaler is no match for the toughest limescale. It also ensures a significant reduction in re-deposition of limescales on regular use.

vooki v/s Other 'Harsh Chemical' filled products

No harsh chemicals (No ammonia | No Bleach)
 vooki takes pride in being a brand of 'Green' products. We value the lives of our customers and the planet that we live in as well. The ingredients in our products, the manufacturing process, the residue we leave behind after use, the bio-degradation of these residues without harming our Eco system are all key priorities for us.

 Zero acidic fumes
  Acidic fumes causes breathing issues. But that's not all. These fumes also cause skin irritation on some sensitive people. Apart from these damages, the fumes from the harsh chemicals in other products, settles on faucets, fittings and other surfaces and react with the surface causing fume induced corrosion. These surfaces start getting spots over time and end up getting corroded over a period of time.

Removes soap scum and hard water deposits on all hard surfaces
 vooki Tough Limescale Spray + Scrub is a versatile solution, whereas most other products are surface sensitive. A modern home has many types of surfaces like concrete, marble, granite, glass, plastic, porcelain, mica, wood, etc.. Our products are made to be safe on every surface possible without damaging the surface or shine of the same.

vooki v/s Other 'eco-friendly' products

Revolutionary DAC technology acts fast on scale removal.
 vooki Tough Limescale Spray + Scrub is made using our revolutionary DAC Technology. It cuts through the toughest of scales and dissolves the minerals within seconds.

Unbeatable performance in 30 seconds

 vooki is made for the modern consumer. It's a fast paced world and the sooner you finish the house cleaning, the more time you have for everything else in life. Our Limescale Spray and scrub working in seconds.
Just Spray, Wait 30 seconds & Scrub

Surfaces where vooki Tough Limescale Spray + Scrub can be used

  • Tiles, Marble, Granite, Cement, Mirrors, Glass, Ceramic, Steel, Aluminium, Mica, Glass, Acrylic, Plastic, Mosaic, etc..
  • Bathroom walls, taps,bathroom tiles, mugs, buckets, bathtub, kitchen counters, back-splash, sinks, faucets and other washable hard surfaces.

Stains that vooki Tough Limescale Spray + Scrub helps you get rid of

Limescales | Hard water scales | Metallic deposits | Soap scums | Dirt

How to use vooki Tough Limescale Spray + Scrub

  • Spray the liquid directly on the scales. 
  • Wait for 30 seconds
  • SCRUB it clean with a brush/ scrubber.
  • For heavy duty scales, spray and wait for 60 seconds before scrubbing

Do not leave product on any surface for a long duration of time.
Use product as instructed only.

Advantages of using vooki Tough Limescale Spray + Scrub

  • Green Product - From ingredient selection to manufacturing to packaging and disposal, vooki products are safe on the planet.
  • Skin safe - No special gloves needed for handling vooki products as they are made from nature derived ingredients.
  • Uncompromising performance - You get what you see. The Limescale spray works on the toughest limescales.Even the ones that are tough and old, will be no match with multiple use.
  • Elevate your lifestyle with our clean green products
  • Green Chemistry

    All vooki products are made based on the 12 principles of Green Chemistry. Green Chemistry is the innovative thought process that re-looks at conventional methods of production. There are a lot of processes involved in creating a product starting from design, development and implementation. This pushes the innovators to figure out creative and innovative ways to reduce waste, conserve energy, and discover replacements for hazardous substances. To know more about Green Chemistry, look out for other blogs from us

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