Tough Limescale\Descaler + Dish Wash & Hard Stains Spray + Wipe | Home Hygiene Combo

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For refreshing dish washing experience and removing tough stains and scales Product Details Products included in the combo are:1. Hard satin spray+wipe 500ml2.vooki Nature Powered Dish Wash 500ml3.Tough Limescale - Spray and Scrub 500ml Product Description Hard Stains Spray+ Wipe:*Just...


vooki Nature Powered Dishwash:

Experience the Super Power of NATURE in your Dish Washing experience.
The synergy of 5 natural ingredients Soap Nut + Orange Peel + Lemon Oil + Tamarind Extract + Rock Salt is one of a kind a path breaking technology that makes dishwashing a safe and refreshing experience.
No preservatives | No synthetic colors

Why vooki?:

  • ✔️Contains powerful natural stain removing properties.
  • ✔️Gives natural shine to the utensils with every wash.
  • ✔️It is a natural moisturizer, keeps the skin hydrated and prevents dryness.
  • ✔️The natural fragrance is relaxing and gives a refreshing dishwashing experience

Hard Stain Spray+ Wipe:

Crafted with earth friendly human safe ingrdients becomes your all time favourite to remove tough stains.

Best for:

Tough stains like,

  • kitchen oil
  • stains,
  • ketchup,
  • mustard oil,
  • food stains like pickle,
  • adhesive sticker marks,
  • switch board stains,
  • crayon marks,
  • inks,
  • heavy grease etc.

Why vooki?:

  • ✔️Ph Balanced formula
  • ✔️No harsh Chemicals
  • ✔️Advanced P3 formula penetrates the surface and cuts through the deep roots of stains

Tough Lime Scale Remover:

For the tough limescale at home , just spray and scrub.

Why vooki?:

The revolutionary DAC technology cuts the lime scale and separate from the surface, protects surface re-deposition and dissolves the separated particles and remove it away easily without leaving any residue of either scale or liquid.

Safe for Surface & Skin*:

Unlike the mineral acids in conventional products, the organic acids used in vooki Tough Lime Scale Spray + Scrub is safe for both surface and skin

Ecologically safe

They are made from safer bio-degradable ingredients.

Mild Fragrance

Tough Limescale\Descaler + Dish Wash & Hard Stains Spray + Wipe | Home Hygiene Combo

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