Q What is Green Chemistry?
Green chemistry is the designing of a process that does not generate any harmful chemicals in the entire life cycle beginning from raw material selection to packaging.

Q How is vooki a green product?
Vooki products are formulated based on green chemistry and is Green Pro certified.
Are the products tested on animals? Are they vegan?
No, our products are not tested on animals, we love them and would never do that.Our products are also vegan.

Q How can we say that the products are eco-friendly?
A All Vooki products generate zero waste. Right from inception Vooki products were designed with environment friendly ingredients that bring out maximum efficacy. Vooki’s entire process life cycle is evaluated and certified by the Global Eco-labelling Network (GEN) and has awarded the Green Pro certification.

Q How effective are Vooki products?
 A Vooki products are designed to align with the 12 principles of Green Chemistry which assures clean and green cleaning.Its biodegradable ingredients keep the planet and the family safe.

Q Are vooki cleaners as effective as conventional cleaners available in the market?
A  Absolutely Vooki is as effective or even better than conventional cleaners. With Vooki’s advanced technology we make it clean and green. We make it safe for you and the planet without toxic fumes and harsh chemicals. 

Q Is Vooki certified by any global organisation?
A Green Pro certification by Global Ecolabelling Network.

 Q Are all your products safe for children?

A Yes absolutely. They are safe for children.

Q Are Vooki products safe for pets?
A Yes. Vooki products are safe for pets

Q Does prolonged storage affect the quality of the product?
A It is a best practice to use products within the mentioned expiry date.

Q Is it advisable to use Vooki products when we have nail infections,cuts or bruises?
A No, it is not advisable,keep away till it heals.

Q Can I choose just one product and place an order?
A Sure, you can, please do.

Q What are the combo boxes available?
A We have 3 combo boxes.
 Total Protection Family pack - Glass Cleaner,Floor Cleaner,Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Hard Stain Cleaner and Hand sanitizer.
 3 in 1 Combo Saver - Toilet Bowl Cleaner,Glass Cleaner,Disinfectant Cleaner.
 Healthy Home Pack - Glass Cleaner,Floor Cleaner,Toilet Bowl Cleaner. 

Q Are your plastic bottles recyclable?
A All Vooki bottles are recyclable,they are made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)

Q Vooki bottles are made of plastic then how are they eco-friendly?
Vooki prodcuts are packed in high density polyethylene (HDP) bottles,they are recyclable and reusable. Since they are recyclable they do not go to land fills,they are recycled and made into new products.We are also working on incorporating biodegradable plastic and would be introduced soon. 

Q How does a disinfectant cleaner differ from a regular cleaner?
A Cleaners do the job of cleaning by removing stains where as disinfectants kill germs and remove stains. 

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Steps to use the Toilet bowl cleaner 

  1. Squeeze the bottle to spread the cleaner evenly on to the toilet bowl,
  2. Leave it for 15-20 min,
  3. Brush gently to release the dirt, and flush.
  4. Your toilet bowl is now sparkling clean and free of germs, the eco-friendly way.  

Q Will my toilet become whiter if I use Vooki?
A When you use Vooki Toilet Bowl Cleaner the color of the toilet bowl is maintained.

Q What do you mean by 100 flush guarantee?
A When your toilet bowl is cleaned with Vooki Toilet Bowl Cleaner it forms a coating in the toilet bowl and protects it for 100 flushes from deposition of dirt and stains.
Q Does it keep you wondering? Try Vooki today.

Q How effective is it against hard water stains?
A Our P3 formula acts and removes hard water stains on continuous usage.We have the   100 flush guarantee.

Q Why do TBC bottles have such a design?
A The bottles are designed with angular neck so as to give maximum reach to the nook and corners of the toilet bowl and also helps to evenly release the cleaner without wastage.  

Q Are harsh fumes let out while using?
A No, our toilet bowl cleaners are formulated with eco-friendly green ingredients and do not let out harsh fumes. 

Floor Cleaner
Q How much floor cleaner to use?
A The optimum usage is 4ml Vooki floor cleaner in one Litre of water.

Q Can we use it on kitchen counters and stoves tops? 
A For regular usage you can use floor cleaner, but for tough stain use Vooki Hard Stain Cleaner it works wonders.

Q Is it safe on marble flooring?
A It is perfectly safe on marble and all natural stones and ceramic flooring. The green chemistry formulation retains the shine of natural stones, intact for several years. 
Q Can we use the floor cleaner to wipe glass surfaces?
A Yes, its okay to use it on glass surfaces but use Vooki Glass Cleaner for streak free cleaning.

Q Are they good to be used on wooden flooring?
A Vooki floor cleaner is good to go on wooden floors as well, the polishing coat is well protected and retained.



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