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Nature Powered Dishwash Liquid - 500 ML

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ph balanced Dishwash made from Ancient superpower ingredients formulated for the stains of your modern kitchen. Made using nature derived products - natural moisturizer for hands.
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Power of 5 natural extracts - Soap Nut, Lemon, Orange Peel, Tamarind, Rock Salt.

  • • Gives natural shine to utensils
  • • Natural moisturizer, keeps skin safe and soft.
  • • Natural fragrance gives relaxing and refreshing experience.
  • • Tough on stains. Soft on Skin
  • ph balanced
  • No preservative & No Synthetic colors.



  • Natural extract of Soapnut
  • Tamarind
  • Lemon
  • Orange peel oil
  • Paprika orang
  • Natural derived surfactant
  • Rock salt
  • other inert


    Direction to use:

  • Take 1 tbs (4ml) of vooki Nature Powered Dish wash liquid, Mix with a bowl (40ml) of water.
  • Dip sponge/ scrubber, Scrub utensils and rinse with water to get squeaky & shiny cleaning.
  • For tough stains, use undiluted.

  • Application Areas:

  • Recommended for Tableware & Cookware


1. Which dish wash liquid is best?

Vooki’s eco friendly dishwashing liquid is the best dishwashing liquid in India which fights against germs and tough stains in utensils. Buy green dish wash liquid online at best price from Vooki which removes food as well as grease stains effectively from utensils. Choose the dish wash liquid that is skin-friendly, and gives high foam with a pleasant smell. Buy best dishwashing liquid in India from Vooki to make your dishes shine.

2.What is dishwashing liquid used for?

Eco friendly dishwashing liquid is used for cleaning dirty dishes using effective cleaning ingredients such as natural extract of Soapnut, Tamarind, Lemon, Orange peel oil, Paprika orang, Natural derived surfactant, Rock salt and other inert. Apart from utensils, best dishwashing liquid can be used to clean the crockery set which does not cause any scratches.

3.Is it the safest dishwashing liquid?

Yes, it is. Buy chemical free dishwashing liquid from Vooki that is suitable for sensitive hands. Vooki’s liquid dish wash soap is non-toxic has no synthetic colors and no preservatives are added to it. Non-toxic dishwashing liquid acts as a natural moisturizer, and keeps your skin safe & soft.

Buy Natural Dishwashing Liquid Online

Vooki's non-toxic dishwashing liquid is biodegradable liquid dish wash that effectively removes stubborn stains in utensils, glass and ceramic plates leaving dazzling clean and shiny utensils. Ecofriendly dish wash liquid is biodegradable and helps to maintain a hygienic kitchen. Many disease-causing microorganisms are present in unclean dishes. Chemical filled household cleaning products have hazardous ingredients that could eventually be dangerous. To protect your family from harmful germs, buy dish wash liquid online from Vooki which is a chemical free dishwashing liquid India, and keep your utensils clean and dry.

Buy Dishwashing Liquid Online – Product Description


 Vooki Dishwashing Liquid



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• Single Pack
• Pack of 2- Save 5%

Suitable For

Recommended for Tableware & Cookware


• Dishwash Liquid Price for Single Pack – Rs.249
• Dishwashing liquid price for Pack of 2- Rs. 473

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Natural extract of Soapnut, Tamarind, Lemon, Orange peel oil, Paprika orang, Natural derived surfactant, Rock salt and other inert



Buy Dish Wash Liquid Online

Buy best dishwashing liquid in India for sensitive hands. Best choices among dishwash liquids available in India. Best liquid dish wash is free from chemicals, no residue, grease cleaner. Eco friendly dish wash liquid is designed as a best natural dishwashing gel which is pleasant on skin in addition to being non-toxic and safe for your utensils. It has no side effects because Vooki’s best dish wash liquid is made of nature-derived ingredients such as extract of Soapnut, Tamarind, Lemon, Orange peel oil, Paprika orang, Natural derived surfactant, Rock salt and other inert. After washing, liquid dish wash doesn't leave behind any residue other than a sparkling shine.

Non toxic dishwashing liquid is paraben and sulphate free and has an effective anti-bacterial action that will keep your dishes spotlessly clean, sparkly, and germ-free after using Vooki dishwashing liquid detergent. Its low-foaming, non-toxic composition protects our beloved Earth and her waterways from dangerous chemical residue but also keeps your dishes free from residues.

Pooja Item Cleaning Liquid

Buy best dish washing liquid from Vooki, no preservatives and no synthetic colors are added to it. Eco friendly dishwashing liquid removes the tarnish, greasy and oils completely from your Pooja items. Dish washing liquid price is affordable that cleans Pooja items within 30 seconds. Vooki experts recommend cleaning silver and brass pooja items as take a spoon of dish wash liquid, mix it with water, gently scrub the pooja items, thats all. Cleaning is over.

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