Nature Powered Dish Wash and Tough Limescale\Descaler - Spray and Scrub | Combo

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pH balanced dishwash made from natural extracts & limescale remover that gets rid of hard water scales


Every kitchen needs the powerful combo to get rid of the aftermath of everyday cooking. Dirty dishes or scales from water, this combo will keep your kitchen mess free.

  • vooki Nature powered Dishwash made using the Power of 5 natural extracts - Soap Nut, Lemon, Paprika Orange Peel, Tamarind & Rock Salt.
  • vooki Tough Limescale - Spray And Scrub formulated with revolutionary DAC technology - Cuts through, lifts, dissolves and removes tough scales and dissolves these minerals and removes them from all kinds of hard surfaces
  • Pleasant smell with No acidic fumes - Acidic fumes cause skin irritation and respiratory illness. Keep your kitchen smelling fresh with the power of orange.
  • The organic green acids used in vooki products are safe for both surface and skin. They are all made from safe bio-degradable ingredients.


vooki Nature powered Dishwash

  • Mix 1 tbs (4ml) of vooki Nature Powered Dish wash liquid with 40ml of water in a bowl.
  • Dip sponge/ scrubber
  • Scrub utensils and rinse with water to get squeaky & shiny cleaning.
  • For tough stains, use undiluted.

    • vooki Tough Limescale - Spray And Scrub

      • Spray the limescale remover on surfaces with scale deposits
      • Wait for 30 seconds
      • Scrub
      • For tough scales, wait 60 seconds after applying the descaler before scrubbing.


1. Which dish wash liquid is best?

Vooki’s eco friendly dishwashing liquid is the best dishwashing liquid in India which fights against germs and tough stains in utensils. Buy green dish wash liquid online at best price from Vooki which removes food as well as grease stains effectively from utensils. Choose the dish wash liquid that is skin-friendly, and gives high foam with a pleasant smell. Buy best dishwashing liquid in India from Vooki to make your dishes shine.

2.What is dishwashing liquid used for?

Eco friendly dishwashing liquid is used for cleaning dirty dishes using effective cleaning ingredients such as natural extract of Soapnut, Tamarind, Lemon, Orange peel oil, Paprika orang, Natural derived surfactant, Rock salt and other inert. Apart from utensils, best dishwashing liquid can be used to clean the crockery set which does not cause any scratches.

3.Is it the safest dishwashing liquid?

Yes, it is. Buy chemical free dishwashing liquid from Vooki that is suitable for sensitive hands. Vooki’s liquid dish wash soap is non-toxic has no synthetic colors and no preservatives are added to it. Non-toxic dishwashing liquid acts as a natural moisturizer, and keeps your skin safe & soft.

4. Which is the best limescale remover for taps?

Hard water stains are literally very difficult to clean at home. Fortunately, Vooki’s eco friendly best limescale remover works far more quickly and easily than other cleaning techniques to dissolve the lime, calcium, and rust build-up on toilet taps, showers, septic tanks, and kitchen appliances.

5.How to remove limescale from shower doors?

Buy eco friendly limescale remover from Vooki that gets rid of limescale from your shower doors in a sustainable way. It is one of the best limescale removers for shower doors where you need to spray eco friendly limescale spray + scrub and wait for 60 seconds. If the limescale deposits are minimal, just wipe it off else scrub it. Buy best eco friendly limescale remover spray and get your shower doors sparkling again.

6. How do you descale a kettle naturally?

Searching for a solution to remove limescale from your kettle?Usually, the element in the kettle is always exposed to water. Therefore, limescale builds up easily. Filters present in the kettle will stop the pieces of limescale being poured into the drink but it does not stop the limescale build-up.Buy best limescale remover for kettle from Vooki that helps to descale your kettle. Always choose nature-derived limescale remover which is environment friendly. To descale your kettle, our Vooki experts recommend you to buy eco-friendly products in India rather than shop bought alternatives.

Nature Powered Dish Wash and Tough Limescale\Descaler - Spray and Scrub | Combo

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