Nature Powered Dish Wash and Hard Stain Spray + Wipe | Combo

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pH balanced dish wash made from natural extracts & household stains remover that cuts through & removes the hardest greasy stains


Kitchen cleaning will be a breeze with this super power combo formulated especially for today’s modern kitchen and stains.

  • •vooki Nature powered Dishwash made using the Power of 5 natural extracts - Soap Nut, Lemon, Paprika Orange Peel, Tamarind & Rock Salt.
  • •vooki Harsh Stain - Spray And Wipe made using advanced P3 formula - removes all kinds of surface stains like coffee, tea, milk, ketchup, sauce, turmeric, oil, masala, juice, vegetable marks, egg, flour stains, smoke stains, shoe marks, blood stains, rust, grease, mud, ink, crayons, lipstick marks, nail polish, poster colors, permanent marker, sketch pens, carpet stains on floor, rubber grip marks, adhesive tape marks, etc.
  • •Pleasant smell - No harsh chemicals used in the formulation of the products. Keep your kitchen smelling fresh with the power of orange.
  • •The organic green acids used in vooki products are safe for both surface and skin. They are all made from safe bio-degradable ingredients.


How you can use Nature Powered Dishwash Liquid?

    Direction to use:

  • Take 1 tbs (4ml) of vooki Nature Powered Dish wash liquid, Mix with a bowl (40ml) of water.
  • Dip sponge/ scrubber, Scrub utensils and rinse with water to get squeaky & shiny cleaning.
  • For tough stains, use undiluted.

  • Application Areas:

  • Recommended for Tableware & Cookware

How you can use Hard Stain Spray+ Wipe?

    Direction to use:

  • Spray the liquid directly on the stained surface. Wait for 30 seconds and wipe clean with a dry cloth. For heavy duty stains, spray and wait for 60 seconds

  • Application Areas:

  • Tiles, Marbles, Granite, Cement, Kitchen counter tops, Ceramic, Steel, Mica, Aluminum Glass Acrylic, Plastic, Mosaic, Facets and other washable hard surface


1. Which dish wash liquid is best?

Vooki’s eco friendly dishwashing liquid is the best dishwashing liquid in India which fights against germs and tough stains in utensils. Buy green dish wash liquid online at best price from Vooki which removes food as well as grease stains effectively from utensils. Choose the dish wash liquid that is skin-friendly, and gives high foam with a pleasant smell. Buy best dishwashing liquid in India from Vooki to make your dishes shine.

2.What is dishwashing liquid used for?

Eco friendly dishwashing liquid is used for cleaning dirty dishes using effective cleaning ingredients such as natural extract of Soapnut, Tamarind, Lemon, Orange peel oil, Paprika orang, Natural derived surfactant, Rock salt and other inert. Apart from utensils, best dishwashing liquid can be used to clean the crockery set which does not cause any scratches.

3.Is it the safest dishwashing liquid?

Yes, it is. Buy chemical free dishwashing liquid from Vooki that is suitable for sensitive hands. Vooki’s liquid dish wash soap is non-toxic has no synthetic colors and no preservatives are added to it. Non-toxic dishwashing liquid acts as a natural moisturizer, and keeps your skin safe & soft.

4.What does the 5 mixture do ?

"Vooki Dish wash has 5 ingredients mix technology, which is safe to PERSON, PLANET,PRODUCT surface.1. the natural extracted ingredients are 100 % safe to human skin, does not leaves harsh and causes itchiness on repeated usage too.2. The Ingredients 100 % safe, even its waste water can be used to water the plants3. Any product should work better than regular, vooki performs its action , doesn't not causes scratches, but swipes away the oil stains completely "

5.what is the advantage of no synthetic colors?

Artificial flavors are any flavors that are not defined as natural, even if they have the exact same chemical composition. they might have un avoidable effect to the planet , vooki uses naturaly extracted paprika orang extract for its colorful .

6.what is the advantage of no preservatives ?

All water based products uses preservative for its longevity , Most preservatives can decompose into carcinogens, Vooki With its efficient panel members has put in all their efforts to make a Preservative free formulation which has a extended stability. Chemistry and peoples safety stands first.

7.Why should I buy vooki dish wash liq ?

"Vooki as a brand gives its importance to Green and planet friendly has launched its new product line with the 5 ingredient power technology , which cleans the touch stains like oil, greasy /buttery stains, burnt stain in one wash , without affecting the earth , also preserves the softness in our hands even on repeated usage. Also Vooki dish wash is free of artificial colors and no preservatives "

8.I like to use dish soap in the kitchen to wash hands. Will this work just as well as any other hand soap to get rid of stains ?

it is clinically tested for skin safety , can be used to wash hands , any soap can remove germs

9.Is it good for baby bottles?

Yes , it can be used , as it has only nature powered ingredients

Nature Powered Dish Wash and Hard Stain Spray + Wipe | Combo

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