Combo| vooki Nature Powered Dish Wash & Floor+Surface Cleaner

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pH balanced dish wash made from natural extracts & floorcleaner formulated using nature derived ingredients to keepany kind of floor clean and shining.


Daily home cleaning will be a breeze with this nature poweredcombo formulated especially for today’s modern stains.

  • • vooki Nature powered Dishwash made using the Power of 5natural extracts - Soap Nut, Lemon, Paprika Orange Peel,Tamarind & Rock Salt.
  • • vooki Floor+Surface Cleaner derived from NaturalIngredients - cleans and preserves the shine of all typesof floors including marbles and granite shine longlasting. Can be used to make 125 litres of cleaner.
  • •Pleasant smell - No harsh chemicals used in theformulation of the products. Keep your home smellingfresh with the power of natural extracts.
  • • The organic green acids used in vooki products are safefor both surface and skin. They are all made from safebio-degradable ingredients.

Combo| vooki Nature Powered Dish Wash& Floor+Surface Cleaner

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