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Heavy Duty Toilet Bowl Cleaner + Wipe & Tough Limescale\Descaler | Combo

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The ultimate deep cleaning solution - for tackling the most stubborn stains on your toilet bowl. & limescale remover that gets rid of hard water scales


Hardest stains or Toughest scales - no matter what your mess, vooki’s best-selling combo has your back.

  • •vooki Harsh Stain - Spray And Wipe made using advanced P3 formula - removes all kinds of surface stains like coffee, tea, milk, ketchup, sauce, turmeric, oil, masala, juice, vegetable marks, egg, flour stains, smoke stains, shoe marks, blood stains, rust, grease, mud, ink, crayons, lipstick marks, nail polish, poster colors, permanent marker, sketch pens, carpet stains on floor, rubber grip marks, adhesive tape marks, etc.
  • •vooki Tough Limescale - Spray And Scrub formulated with revolutionary DAC technology - Cuts through, lifts, dissolves and removes tough scales and dissolves these minerals and removes them from all kinds of hard surfaces
  • •No acidic fumes - Acidic fumes can cause skin irritation and respiratory illness.
  • •The organic green acids used in vooki products are safe for both surface and skin. They are all made from safe bio-degradable ingredients.

Heavy Duty Toilet Bowl Cleaner - no matter what your mess, vooki’s best-selling combo has your back.

  • • Formulated with powerful organic acids
  • • Effectively cleans tough stains, mineral deposits, rust, and grime without compromising porcelain or ceramic surfaces
  • • Powerful cleaning formula effortlessly eliminates hard water stains, urine stains, and other unsightly marks
  • FAQ

    1. Which is the best limescale remover for taps?

    Hard water stains are literally very difficult to clean at home. Fortunately, buy hard water stain remover for taps from Vooki that works far more quickly and easily than other cleaning techniques to dissolve the lime, calcium, and rust build-up on toilet taps, showers, septic tanks, and kitchen appliances.

    2. What makes Heavy Duty Toilet Bowl Cleaner effective against tough stains?

    Heavy Duty Toilet Bowl Cleaner's potent acidic formula chemically reacts with tough stains, breaking them down and facilitating easy removal, including hard water stains, mineral deposits, rust, and grime. Its powerful action makes it highly effective in achieving a clean and stain-free toilet bowl.

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