Hard Stains Spray + Wipe & Electronic Component Cleaner | Combo

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For removing household toughest stain with just spray and wipe , Electronic component cleaner Product Details Products included in the combo are:1.Household Hard Stains Spray+ Wipe 500ml 1.Electronic Component Cleaner 500ml Product Description Hard Stains Spray+ Wipe:*Just Spray & Wipe:...


Hard Stain Spray+ Wipe:

Crafted with earth friendly human safe ingrdients becomes your all time favourite to remove tough stains.

Best for:

Tough stains like,

  • kitchen oil
  • stains,
  • ketchup,
  • mustard oil,
  • food stains like pickle,
  • adhesive sticker marks,
  • switch board stains,
  • crayon marks,
  • inks,
  • heavy grease etc.

Why vooki?:

  • ✔️Ph Balanced formula
  • ✔️No harsh Chemicals
  • ✔️Advanced P3 formula penetrates the surface and cuts through the deep roots of stains

Electronic Component Cleaner:

Specially formulated IsoPropyl Alcohol (IPA) made for cleaning electrical / electronic sensitive touch points.
For electronic components, electrical motors, coils, contacts, relays, switches, connections of small and large appliances,biometric access systems, lift buttons etc.

  • Quick Dry - Dries instantly
  • No foreign particles or dust will be attracted after cleaning.
  • No residue will be left on the surface after cleaning
Hard Stains Spray + Wipe & Electronic Component Cleaner | Combo

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