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Household Hard Stains Spray+ Wipe 500ml - 1

Electronic Component Cleaner...

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About this item

Household Hard Stains Spray+ Wipe 500ml - 1

Electronic Component Cleaner 500ml - 1

Household Hard Stains Spray+ Wipe - For hard and toughest stain Just Spray & Wipe.

  • Just Spray & Wipe: For hard & toughest stains like kitchen oil stains, ketchup, mustard oil, food stains like pickle, adhesive sticker marks, switch board stains, crayon marks, inks, refill ink marks, dyes and other pigments, soap scums, pencil marks, highlighter, permanent marker, lipsticks, heavy grease etc.
  • PH balanced: The cleaning is safe for both surface and skin with PH balanced formula
  • No harsh Chemicals used (No Acid I No Ammonia I No Bleach) to make up the cleaning. We used earth friendly human safe ingredients.
  • Ecologically safe as they are made from safer bio-degradable formula.
  • Advanced P3 Formula penetrates the surface & cuts through the deep roots of stains and wipes it away easily without leaving any residue of either dirt or liquid. Ensures the surface clean & shine after every mopping session.
  • Mild Fragrance

Direction to use: Spray the liquid directly on the stained surface. Wait for 30 seconds and wipe clean with a dry cloth. For heavy duty stains, spray and wait for 60 seconds.

Application Areas: Tiles, Marbles, Granite, Cement, Kitchen counter tops, Ceramic, Steel, Mica, Aluminum Glass Acrylic, Plastic, Mosaic, Facets and other washable hard surfaces

Electronic Component Cleaner:

Specially formulated IsoPropyl Alcohol (IPA) made for cleaning electrical / electronic sensitive touch points.

For electronic components, electrical motors, coils, contacts, relays, switches, connections of small and large appliances, biometric access systems, lift buttons etc.

  • Quick Dry - Dries instantly
  • No foreign particles or dust will be attracted after cleaning
  • No residue will be left on the surface after cleaning

Use at:

  • Telephones
  • Lift button
  • Biometric
  • Photocopier
  • Remote control
  • Keyboard
  • Fax machines
  • Relay etc.
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Rs. 498.00