Bathroom Cleaning Hacks That will Save You Time & Effort

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks That will Save You Time & Effort

If you are familiar with the classic american sitcom ‘FRIENDS’, you’d remember Monica Geller. She was famous for her obsession with cleaning up and organizing things. So much so that she can tell if you had moved the chair or the coffee table by an inch away from where she put it.

Sometimes she would make you wonder if people like her have some super power that lets them organize their homes so well. But the truth is that they follow a routine and set of guidelines to go about their chores. Do you wonder if you can have something similar, especially to clean your bathrooms? Read on for ten interesting hacks to handle your bathroom cleaning like a breeze.

1.Shower Head Cleaning Effortlessly

Naturally, as shower heads are way above our reach, we tend to miss the accumulation of dirt and grime on them. You can handle this with our VOOKI Limescale remover. Fill a carrier bag with VOOKI Limescale remover and fit it around the showerhead and let it soak overnight. Remove the bag the next morning and run the shower to rinse.

2.Toilet Bowl Freshening

Get rid of toilet bowl stains with our Heavy Duty Toilet Bowl cleaner. Apply the cleaner fluid into the bowl and let it rest for 10-15 minutes. Now, give it a couple of scrubbing strokes with a toilet brush and hit the flush. This quick and easy trick will maintain a clean and odor-free toilet.

3.Mirror cleanup

This is hands down the most used object in the bathroom in our homes. It is only fair that it is given significant care and upkeep. Just a couple of sprays of VOOKI's Glass and smooth surface cleaner across the mirror’s surface would do the trick for you. Wipe it clean with a lint-free cloth in about 2 minutes.

4.Efficient Grout Cleaning

Grouts are the cement like fillings that are used to pack gaps between tiles and when these are dirty the look less than pleasant. Give a couple of sprays with our Lime scale remover and scrub it down with a dry sponge. This will effectively enhance the look of your tiles and flooring surfaces.

5.Bathtub Rings Removal

Now these are linings of mineral deposits & residual soap that sit right above the water lines in the tub and are commonly found in ceramic reservoirs like bathtubs or wash basins. Utilize our heavy-duty toilet bowl cleaner to tackle these particular stains, apply the liquid and leave for 15-20 min. Scrub clean with a brush and then flush.

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6.Tap cleanup  

Since taps are regularly exposed to running water and human contact, they can develop water spots and cloudy fingerprints that blemish the appearance of their pristine shine. Spray on a small amount of lime scale remover liquid and scrub them out with a soft cloth. Buff the tap fittings well until they get their mirror shine.

7.Quick Tile Wipe Downs

Being the one of the few rooms that everyone in the home would make use of, bathrooms get a significantly large footfall every day. Spray on some VOOKI Limescale remover and mop the surface using a dry mop. You may get this done once in 2 days to keep the bathroom tiles look pleasant and new in condition.

8.Exhaust Fan Clean-ups

If you have an exhaust fan, it is imperative to keep it clean for optimum performance. Remove the dust & grime on the fan blades using a blow dryer or a vacuum cleaner on blow mode. Now apply the VOOKI hard stain remover on the blades of the exhaust fan and leave it for a minute. Now wipe the grime using a cloth and voila your exhaust fan is back in action.

9.Disinfecting surfaces

Dilute 10ml of VOOKI's disinfectant cleaner in a bucket of water. Soak a washcloth or a mop and wipe down surfaces, walls & countertops with it.

With these 9 time-saving bathroom cleaning hacks using VOOKI's ultra-amazing product line-up, you can enhance your cleaning routine and enjoy a fresh and inviting space for days to come.

Get these tips into your schedule to get that 'Monica Geller' level of sharpness in your cleaning routine. Happy cleaning and meet you soon!

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