The VOOKI Arsenal for your battle against stains, dirt and grime

Cleaning isn't just about getting rid of dust or dirt – it's an opportunity to explore new ways to transform your living spaces into havens of wellness. But in pursuit of this, sometimes you could find yourselves in a battleground of mess and menace. However hard you try, the adamant rivals in the form of stains and dirt can give you a hard time and wear you down. But here comes VOOKI with the power-packed arsenal you need to face-off against the deadly opponents. Join us as we explore the line-up of VOOKI products that will stand by you in the battle against stains and dirt.

The VOOKI Line-up: Floor + Surface cleaner, Hard Stain Spray + Wipe, Toilet Bowl cleaner, Tough Limescale remover & Nature Powered Dishwash:

VOOKI products are carefully formulated using eco-sensitive ingredients that are safe, skin-friendly and biodegradable. Here’s a quick look into what each product is made of:

  • VOOKI Floor + Surface Cleaner contains organic derivatives such as corn oil and cane sugars with the revolutionary P3 technology, which makes it tough against dirt and grime but sensitive to tile & marble surfaces.
  • VOOKI Hardstain spray + wipe features non-ionic natural surfactants that break down stains within a minute.
  • VOOKI Toilet Bowl Cleaner Liquid is made up of biodegradable green acids & anionic surfactants that clean up soil and scale.
  • VOOKI Disinfectant Spray Non ionic surfactants with germ killing actives that disinfects hard surfaces.
  • VOOKI Tough Limescale Spray+Scrub contains a mix of organic acids and surfactants that deal with the toughest of limescale marks on any surface.
  • VOOKI Nature Powered Dishwash contains a balanced concoction of Soap nut, Lemon, Orange Peel, Tamarind extracts and Rock Salt, which is friendly on skin and Tough on stains.
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Deep Clean Tile & Marble Floors

While we spend a lot of money to make them look attractive, tiled floors are always messed up surfaces in our homes. Scratches, scuffings and grout lines on these tiled floors are default hotspots that attract dirt and grime over a period of time. But our VOOKI Floor + Surface Cleaner can help restore their original beauty.

Mix the cleaner liquid with water in a bucket or spray bottle, following the dilution ratio mentioned below:
- 4ml of liquid for one liter of water (or)
- 2 caps in ½ bucket (4 liters).
- Fun fact: This means a 500 ml bottle can give you a massive 125 liters of cleaning liquid.

Post dilution, using a mop or scrub brush, apply the solution to the tile floor, ensuring even coverage. Allow the cleaner to settle for a few minutes. The cleaner would penetrate the grout lines during this time. Now, scrub the surface gently to remove dirt and stains. Finally, rinse the floor with clean water and allow it to air dry. This deep cleaning process will lift away embedded grime and leave your tile floors looking fresh and fine.
Follow the same routine for ceramic tile countertops, Italian marble flooring or even concrete surfaces and terrace floors and you would have won back half your home from dirt and grime.

Degrease Kitchen Backsplashes

Kitchen backsplashes are common victims of grease and spilled food particles during cooking. But they can be handled with ease, when you have VOOKI Hardstain Spray + Wipe handy. Spray liberally onto the backsplash, ensuring an even coverage. After a minute, wipe the surface clean using a dry cloth. Once you're finished with the wiping, rinse the backsplash with clean water and wipe it with another clean and dry cloth. There you go. That’s how you snatch your kitchen’s backsplash from the army of stains and grime, back into your control.

Sanitise Bathroom Tiles

Given the location, bathroom tiles can be both unpleasant to the eyes and deadly to general wellness and eventually the basecamp of deadly germs and stench. Add mildew and soap scum into the mix, and it becomes one formidable opponent to handle. But by using VOOKI’s Floor Disinfectant Cleaner you can keep them clean and germ-free. Follow the dilution as given below:

For general disinfection of wall tiles dilute with water in a 1:50 ratio
For floor tiles near the toilet bowl: use undiluted.
Mop the tile surfaces thoroughly with the dilution to remove any mold or scum buildup. Be sure to pay special attention to any areas of stubborn deposits. Once you've finished mopping, rinse the tiles with clean water and let it dry. That’s the way you chase the troops of germs and dirt away from your bathroom floors and walls.

Redeem your toilets

This is one of the most common areas we tend to defend pretty poorly against dirt and germs. And it is a bigger challenge to handle for obvious reasons. Apply a generous amount of VOOKI Toilet Bowl Cleaner around the inside of the bowl and let it sit for a little while as it penetrates and dissolves stubborn grime. After a few minutes, give a thorough scrub using a toilet brush and flush it down a couple of times. You would experience a hassle-free cleaning owing to the ‘zero fume’ nature of VOOKI’s Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Moreover, it forms a protective anti-stain film over the toilet bowl surface and prevents further soiling or scale formation, stains for up to a 100 flushes

Get rid of Limescale buildup

Limescale build up is a persistent problem and can happen virtually anywhere there is a presence of water. Get a VOOKI Limescale Spray + Scrub and spray generously over the chalky scale deposits. With its DAC technology, VOOKI Limescale + Scrub acts on the scales even if they are made of multiple layers and separates them from the surface. Unlike conventional scale removers or cleaning agents, which employ heavy duty chemicals, VOOKI’s Limescale + Scrub is made using biodegradable, organic and green acids. From faucets and shower screens to kitchen appliances, VOOKI limescale spray provides the most effective and convenient option to manage limescale deposits.
Now that you have conquered dirt, grime and germs in most of your home with the VOOKI lineup of products, there is one other area as well, where you can experience the VOOKI magic - Dishwashing.

Dominate your dishwashing routine

While it may seem as a routine chore to do the dishes on a daily basis, some dishes can be notorious with their slick and grime after a long cooking session. And although smaller in size, they’re a war zone themselves. That’s where you need VOOKI’s Dishwash liquid. Made with naturally available soap nut oil, orange peel, lemon & tamarind extracts, VOOKI’s Dishwash liquid contains powerful surfactant properties that break down stubborn oil slicks and grease, and help you handle them with ease. Along with its exceptional stain removal, its natural moisturizing abilities keeps your skin hydrated. After all, you need to be protected for taking extra care of the environment with VOOKI. With this, your battle with dirt and grime will come to a close and you can add a feather to your hat.

The cleaning options provided by VOOKI’s roster of products are almost endless. We create solutions that help address home cleaning with an emphasis on ecofriendliness and green chemistry.

Which is why we don’t stop at just creating our products with the eco-sensistive approach. We go ahead an extra mile and get them certified. Yes, VOOKI products are Type 1 EcoLabel certified by GEN (Global Ecolabelling Network). This way, we aim at giving you a cleaning experience that is satisfying and fulfilling to do at the same time. Explore our product range and take the first step by joining #TackleEveryMess movement in the battle against stains, dirt and grime.

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