Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Rs. 199.00

Toilet Bowl Cleaner-Eco friendly, No Acidic Fumes

• VOOKI toilet bowl cleaner is formulated with completely biodegradable green acid , with a special protecting agent – which keeps your toilet bowl clean & shine for upto 100 flushes*

• 100 Flush Protection: The advanced formulation used forms an anti-stain film over the toilet bowl and protects further formation of yellow scale formation, stubborn stains and soil depositions upto 100 Flushes*.

• Green Chemistry: Green Acid formulation used enables easy cleaning without hard scrubbing. It eliminates limescale and longer protection against water and stains with non-toxic biodegradable ingredients.

• Biodegradable: earth friendly human safe ingredients used to make up the cleaning.

• Eco-friendly: Free of Nitrogen , Phosphorous, Halogens.

• Pleasant Fragrance: No harsh suffocating fumes during cleaning activity.

• Advanced P3 Formula penetrates the surface& cuts through the deep roots of stains and wipes it away easily without leaving any residue of either dirt or liquid. Ensures the surface clean & shine upto 100 flush cycles.

• Effortless Cleaning: The Unique formulation with biodegradable ingredients used enables easy cleaning without hard scrubbing on continuous usage of the product.

• Direction to use: use direct.