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Toilet Bowl Cleaner Liquid – Eco-friendly100 Flush Protection, 500ml

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Fume free toilet bowl cleaner - cleans stubborn stains and forms an anti-film over the toilet bowl and protects further formation of yellow scales and soil depositions
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100 Flush Protection:The advanced formulation cleans & protects further formation of yellow scales, stubborn stains, and soil depositions up to 100 Flushes.

  • • Formulated with completely Biodegradable Green Acid
  • • Can be used for all non-porous surfaces and ceramic surfaces like toilet bowls, wash basins, sinks, etc..
  • • Green Chemistry | No acidic fumes | Pleasant Fragrance


    • Readily Biodegradable Green acid
    • Special formula forming anti stain film
    • Anionic surfactant
    • innert ingredients
    • Thcikener
    • Sequestering agents
    • Fragrance
    • Aqua


      Direction to use:

    • Use direct

    • Application:

    • Ceramic toilet bowls, wash basins, marble wash basins etc...


    1. Which is the best toilet cleaner liquid in India?

    It is critical to keep our bathrooms clean in order to live a healthy life. Aside from health issues, it is a location where brilliant ideas emerge, and many of us spend a significant amount of time there. To keep a squeaky-clean bathroom, it's necessary to use an effective bathroom cleaner. It is one of the best bathroom cleaning products in India. In reality, numerous products are available to clean various regions of the bathroom. Toilet cleaner which is one of the best toilet cleaner in India is available in Vooki, an online eco-friendly shopping portal. Bathroom cleaners, as well as all other home hygiene products can be purchased online and delivered to your home.

    2. How often should you use toilet bowl cleaner?

    Use Vooki toilet bowl cleaner once a week to keep your toilet fresh and clean. Our experts have provided easy steps to clean toilet bowl.

    3. How to remove yellow stains from toilet using eco toilet bowl cleaner?

    Toilets are the focal point of every bathroom. It looks awkward when you see it with brown stains. Buy toilet bowl cleaner online to clean severe stains in your toilet bowls and get fantastic results with our eco friendly home care product. Want to know how to clean your toilet with eco friendly toilet cleaner?

    • Pour natural toilet bowl cleaner around the rims, toilet seat, and lid. Natural toilet cleaner freshens up the toilet and gives sparkling shine.
    • For tough stains add a large quantity of natural toilet bowl cleaner and wait for 5 to 10 minutes.
    • Scrub the stains using a brush. And then flush
    • And now, your toilet bowl looks shiny.

    4. What are the benefits of eco friendly toilet cleaner?

    An benefits of eco friendly toilet cleaner would be an ideal option for your family and the environment to keep things clean and fresh. Vooki’s toilet flush cleaner performs a great job and keeps your toilet spotless. Our experts have listed out benefits of eco friendly toilet cleaner such as,
    •Non-Toxic toilet cleaners reduce exposure to toxic substances
    •Eco friendly toilet cleaners are safe from kids to senior persons
    •Eco-friendly cleaners help to improve your bathroom’s air quality
    •Price of toilet cleaner is not much expensive when compared to commercial cleaners.
    •Eco-friendly cleaners keep your bathroom with a pleasant smell.

    5. How do you use a flush tank cleaner?

    The best way to clean a toilet tank without the fuss is to use Toilet Bowl cleaner. Vooki eco friendly toilet cleaner keeps your toilet clean. Buy toilet cleaner online from Vooki that works hard to keep your toilet bowl clean and stops building stubborn scales. Step 1: Pour toilet bowl cleaner into the toilet cistern.
    Step 2: Wait for 10 minutes
    Step 3: Flush the water from the tank after every use.
    Eco friendly toilet cleaner gives 100 flush protection. It is one of the best toilet cleaner in India used for Indian and western toilets. Vooki’s bathroom cleaning products in India start to keep your bathroom clean, and tank clean after every flush.

    6. What is the most eco friendly toilet bowl cleaner?

    Eco friendly toilet bowl cleaner is one among the top green, eco friendly toilet bowl cleaners in India. Vooki’s eco friendly toilet cleaner is the best nature-derived, liquid, flushable toilet cleaner. It is a bleach-free hydrogen peroxide toilet bowl cleaner. Buy toilet cleaner online and keep your toilet free from germs.

    7.Is There any bleach in it?

    No , vooki toilet bowl cleaner uses green biodegradble acid which cleans in eco friendly way

    8.Is this suitable for use with a camping toilet (glorified bucket) if the waste is sometimes burried or composted?

    this is safe to use with septic tanks. hence can be used for this too

    9.Is it cruelty free?

    vooki doesnt supports testing on animals

    10.Is this safe to use with macerators?


    11.Is this safe to use in a household where chronic asthma is an issue?

    Vooki Toilet bowl cleaner doesnt gives out harmful fumes , prefered to use in that evnironment

    12.Is it ok to use in a touring caravan with Thetford toilet

    yes it can , fumes free biodegradable cleaner

    13.How good is this on tough limescale below the waterline?

    it works 100 % on it

    14.Is this ph neutral

    no the product is not pH balanced as it has to cut thru the scales

    15.Does it have a perfumed smell? Or no smell at all?

    it doesnt show any chemicals smells instead has mild fragrance

    16.Is the bottle bio-degradable?

    it is reusable

    17.Will this work on a shower head

    it can remove shower head scale deposits, tie the head with cleaner solution wait for 15 mins (head has to dipped in solution) then rinse off effective is this at tackling limescale around toilet rim? Is it thickish so it will cling onto vertical walls or it is runny like water?

    It is viscous and will cling onto vertical walls, dissolves the scale deposits and removes off

    19.Roughly how much cleaner do you need for one cleaning?

    it depends on the type and shape of the toilet you have

    20.What colour is the liquid?

    blue colored

    21.Does this contain Muriatic acid?

    no vooki does not uses any of harmful RM as its ingredients

    22.Are vooki products environmentally friendly?

    yes Vookis mission and vission is to have safe and clean planet certified with type 1 eco label

    23.Does the bottle come with spray?

    no , design

    24.How long do I leave it in the toilet to remove the brown stains

    The product schould be left to work for 10-15 minutes as mentioned on the label

    25.Would it be okay to use this to clean up some old build up of limescale in a loo cistern?

    yes it can be used to remove all these limescale builds

    26.Can it be used on that or will it corrode the plastic?

    it does not affects the plastic like muratic acid/HCL based cleaners

    27.Can i use this to remove lime stains on window glass

    it may work

    28.Can this be used on a plastic bath tub

    yes it can

    29.Can we recommended for saniflow toilets

    yes we can

    30.Does it work under the water in the bottom of the toilet bowl where there is lime scale and black grossness?

    for heavy scales multiple usage can remove , - contact time


    • Buy Toilet Bowl Cleaner Online Toilet Bowl Cleaner cleans the toilet bowl and kills all germs and bacteria. It gives a streak free shine. Buy best toilet cleaner that eliminates tough yellowish scales in urinal, and all organic stains at the source. It works as a perfect toilet stain remover which is specially designed to clean the toilet bowl surface & destroys all unpleasant odors at the source. It is one of the best home care products available online in India. Ecofriendly, green, organic, natural toilet cleaner provides a complete and hygienic cleaning solution to your toilets by destroying the entire stain and odor. Thus eliminating the need for hazardous chemicals found in common household cleaners and kills 99.9% of germs and keep your family safe from viruses and bacteria.
    • Best Toilet Flush Cleaner in India Toilet cleaner flushes works from inside the cistern that releases high foam in every 100 flush. Toilet flush cleaner does not contain acidic fumes. Buy eco friendly Toilet cleaner online at offer price from India's leading online shopping portal. Vooki’s eco friendly, best Toilet Tank Bowl Cleaner gives 100 flush protection. We have develoed best Toilet Cleaning product that quickly deliver powerful toilet cleaning foam all with less water. The advanced formulation used in toilet tank stain remover acts as an anti-stain film over the toilet bowl and protects further formation of yellow scale formation, stubborn stains and soil depositions upto 100 flushes. Natural toilet cleaner enables easy cleaning without hard scrubbing. Natural toilet bowl cleaner is one of the best eco-friendly toilet bowl cleaner composed of nature derived ingredients used to make up the cleaning process easy. Eco-friendly: Free of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Halogens. Pleasant Fragrance: No harsh suffocating fumes during cleaning activity.
    Buy Toilet Bowl Cleaner Online – Product Description


     Vooki Toilet Bowl Cleaner




    500 ml


    Readily Biodegradable Green acid, Special formula forming anti stain film, Anionic surfactant, Thickener, Inert ingredients



    Packaging Type          


    Used For                     

    Ceramic toilet bowl surfaces, wash basins, 


    No harsh suffocating fumes

    Price of Toilet Cleaner

    Toilet cleaner price is reasonable when compared to other products in the market. Vooki’s toilet cleaner price is affordable and is available in various packs, quantites and at best price. Buy bathroom cleaners or toilet cleaner liquid and all other eco friendly home cleaning products on Vooki, an online shopping website, and get them delivered to your doorstep.

    Check out the price of toilet cleaner listed out by our Vooki experts.

    Toilet Bowl Cleaner


    Price of Toilet Bowl Cleaner

    Offer Price of Toilet Bowl Cleaner


    Price of Single Pack Toilet Cleaner

    500 ml




    Price- Toilet Cleaner Pack of 2

    500 ml



    Rs.20 - 5%off

    Price- Toilet Cleaner pack of 3




    Rs.60 - 10%off

    Price of Big Size Toilet Cleaner

    5 Litre




    Try our Household stains remover that cuts through & removes the hardest greasy stains & Fume-free toilet bowl cleaner creates an anti-stain film. With its easy-to-use design, simply pour the liquid into your toilet bowl and let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing and flushing for a shining clean.Say goodbye to scrubbing and harsh chemicals, and hello to a cleaner and fresher toilet with our toilet bowl cleaner and hard stain remover liquid. Our limescale remover eliminates tough scales and build-up, leaving your surfaces sparkling clean and looking like new. Meanwhile, our toilet bowl cleaner forms an anti-stain formula, leaving your bathroom fresh and hygienic upto 100 Flushes. Together, these products offer a powerful cleaning solution that will leave your beautiful bathroom looking and feeling great. Buy Now

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