6 Ideas to stop worrying about Pre-Festival Cleaning?

6 Ideas to stop worrying about Pre-Festival Cleaning?

It's Festive season and two excited vookified members of the Green Community are taking over the Blog this month. Let's join in on their conversation about festive prep and all that it takes to keep a home hygienic, sparkling and clean to make you the perfect host for all your festive gatherings happiness and peace.

Often when we get to the task of cleaning our homes, the most challenging part is to not get distracted and to get it done on time. But we usually fail at this because as humans we are easily diverted into other things, when it comes to things we hardly love doing. And no doubt cleaning your home is one such activity. Now here are a few ideas you can follow to get your zen mode on when you begin the pre-festival cleaning.

Embrace minimalism.
Before you pick up a broomstick, take an inventory of all things at your home. Do you truly need them all? When you find the answer to this question, you will be able to downsize and get your home free of unwanted items and distractions. Doing this is when I'm used to realizing all the pointless items I had purchased online.

Mindful Scheduling
Rather than packing your daily routine with more than what you can handle, try and take a mindful approach to handle one room or part of a room on a daily basis. You may have to stretch it out a few weeks in advance to make sure you don’t end up doing things at the last minute.

The Art of Multitasking
Try combining cleaning tasks with other daily activities. Play your favorite music and dance along while dusting or vacuuming. You may also have your kith and kin along to make it a bonding opportunity.

Digital Detox
Keep away from your digital devices, when you are in your clean-up mode. A break from your mobile phones/tabs give you the right kind of break to immerse yourself into the task at hand. And trust me, it can help you more than you can imagine to focus on cleaning, thereby making it more efficient..

Delegate and manage
Feel free to involve family members in the cleaning process. When you got more hands on the deck, you can get more done in less time. Ensure to delegate responsibilities and keep checking in once a while to keep track of the progress made by them. When you have a team, you also have an accountability framework in place that prevents you from digressing.

Give a Reward
It is great to motivate yourself with a reward, when you accomplish the goals as per your plan. And the rewards could be as simple as a quick snack from the bakery or a few minutes of doing a favorite activity. This can be a powerful incentive to stay focused.

All you need to understand is that pre-festival cleaning doesn't have to be a stressful and mundane task. Get started with the tips given above and slowly work your way up to mastering all the strategies there are. Who knows! you may even end up writing your own cleaning guide some day. Happy cleaning!

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