Best Sandalwood, Marble, Granite Floor Cleaner

Best Sandalwood, Marble, Granite Floor Cleaner

How To Keep Your Floors Sparkling?

Do you sweep and mop your favorite floor continually? Slips and drips may hurt the look of your woodwork. Furthermore, soil and dust may cause dust mites. You may use a vacuum cleaner for speedy cleansing. However, there are different types of floorings and are created using various base materials. A wrong cleansing procedure can hurt your floor. Thus, it is important to follow some floor cleaning methods that keep your floor sparkling shine.

Vooki provides some floor cleaning tips and tricks for different types of floors.

Best Sandalwood Floor Cleaner

Best sandalwood floor cleaner will not damage your sandalwood floor and materials. When cleaning sandalwood floors, it's important to use a floor cleaner that will not damage the finish or the surface of the floor. Vooki floor & surface cleaner is one of the best home care products that help to clean spills and scuffmarks, and tackle the dirty areas in your home without having vinegar or toxic chemicals. First and foremost is to sweep the floor. Mix the liquid floor cleaner in water and wipe on the hardwood floor with that solution. Use a dry cloth to clean after cleaning.

Best Laminate Floors Cleaner

Laminate floors require extra care while cleaning. Sweep and mop your laminate floors continually to remove soil and dirt. Floor Cleaner from Vooki is used to remove tough stains like cosmetics, oil, paint, nail polish. Chemical filled cleaners may cause irreversible damage. Therefore, it is better to use floor cleaner which is the best eco-friendly product in India. Prevent utilizing scrubbers on this type of carpet as it can cause scratches and marks superficial. Therefore, it is better to use floor cleaner which is the best eco-friendly product in India.

Best Marble Floor Cleaner

Marble floors require sensitive handling. To clean your marble floors, use thebest floor cleaner liquid in India that further has disinfecting properties. We advise the Floor + Surface Cleaner that is available in online shopping portal. Stay away from abusive cleansing products and scrubbers. Add Vooki floor cleaner liquid in your bucket and mop your marble floors. Best floor cleaner liquid with fragrance, non-toxic, free from ammonia is available in Vooki, India’s best online eco-friendly products shopping portal.

Buy Floor +Surface cleaner from Vooki which is a multi-surface floor cleaning liquid and keep your floor sparkling shine.

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