How To Easily Remove Crayon Marks From Your Walls - Tips & Tricks

How To Easily Remove Crayon Marks From Your Walls - Tips & Tricks

Is your little Picasso creating artwork on your walls using crayons? Parents commonly find their home walls decorated with scribbly crayon masterpieces. Keeping your walls free from crayon marks is a difficult task if you have children at home. It’s happy to see your kids’ artistic streak on walls, but it is difficult to remove crayons marks from walls. You might have used toxic products available in the market that may often remove paint in the walls, drip down your arms, fill in your carpet floor and makes the cleaning process a tedious one.

How To Remove Crayon From Wall?

Want to know how to remove crayon from wall? People need to a use non-abrasive cleaning solution that will not discolor or diminish your wall painting color. Also, home-remedy cleaning tips can literally damage the paint or the wall itself. Therefore, we recommend using home care products from Vooki which are free from toxic chemicals, ammonia and bleach. Hard stain remover is an eco-friendly products in India that helps to remove crayon from walls.

Buy Hard Stains spray + wipes from Vooki, to remove crayon marks from walls, and keep them shiny as far as the next art project. Best hard stain remover spray will remove crayon from walls and is used to clean hard and tough stains like kitchen oil stains, ketchup, hard water stains, food stains, switch board stains, brown stains in kitchen sinks, dyes, permanent marker, heavy grease, etc. Vooki hard stain cleaner holds type 1 eco label certification.

How To Remove Pencil And Crayon Marks From Walls?

Spray Vooki hard stain surface cleaner directly on the crayon marks on the walls. Allow the stain to wait for 30 seconds and wipe clean with a dry cloth for streak-free finish. For heavy duty stains, spray and wait for 60 seconds. Buy best home care product in India from Vooki. 

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