"Things to know before choosing your Toilet Bowl Cleaner"

Things to know before choosing your Toilet Bowl Cleaner
 All we want from our toilet bowl cleaner is, it should remove scales and leave it sparkling clean with minimal effort, and time as well. Most of the commercial cleaners achieve this and we are a happy lot. But have you taken note of the eye irritation, cough and skin irritation while using them? Perhaps we have got so used to it that we don’t realise that its harming us or it can be otherwise; we are aware of the discomfort, but are putting up with it as we are yet to come across a safer product.
 This may seem to pin point our ignorance or indifference, but that’s the reality. In a survey conducted by the India Medical Academy across 6 cities in north India conveys that 59% of the metro residents were unaware of the hazards posed by hydrochloric acid cleaners.
 Now lets get to the bottom of the issue and reason out why we should avoid hydrochloric acid cleaners.  

How prevalent is hydrochloric acid in toilet cleaners?
 Pick up any commercial toilet bowl cleaner and read the label, about 90% of them would contain acid. This is in exception to the conventional acids that are named toilet cleaners. Predominantly a minimum of 10% Hydrochloric acid is used to effectively remove scales, you can even find labels without acid dilutions specified on them. 

Does hydrochloric acid in toilet bowl cleaners harm the ceramic?

 When you peep into a toilet bowl that’s cleaned using an acid based cleaner, its clean, obviously. Acids are very good in removing scales and stains but what goes unnoticed is that with time the toilet bowl loses its shine. When we come to a point where we recognize that there is a lack in shine, we are convinced that the toilet bowl has become old. But that’s not true, its the acid cleaner that has ripped off the shine with prolonged use. Even if the missing shine goes unnoticed, what you cannot ignore is the impact it has on your health. 

Acids in toilet cleaners and their impact on human health
 Hydrochloric acids clean by corroding the surface and its not limited to the toilet bowl surface, its to any surface they come into contact with.And that’s the obvious reason why we have throat irritation or watery eyes or burning sensation in our nose when the acid releases toxic fumes.Its reported that long time exposture to acidic fumes and even short time exposture of 10-15 minutes causes serious respiratory ailments like asthma, pulmonary oedema,bronchitis and nasal ulceration. Modern day homes have bathrooms attached to bedrooms or bathrooms are in hallways,this makes children and elderly exposed to acidic fumes while cleaning is in progress, it also brings down the indoor air quality. Accidentally if there is spillage of the hydrochloric acid cleaner on to the surrounding tile or marble flooring the surface is corroded and shine is lost. 

So what to use ?Would be your next question.
Choose eco-friendly biodegradable toilet bowl cleaners that are free from nitrogen, phosphorous ,halogens and acids, that are safe for humans and animals.
 You are no far away from such a cleaner, Vooki toilet bowl cleaner offers exactly that and with its unique P3 formula it cuts through stains.  an advanced invisible anti stain coating in the toilet bowl it prevents further scale deposition for 100 flushes and also maintains the shine. Use eco-friendly cleaners that are safe for you and the planet and make way for healthy living. 

Our Featured Product

Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Toilet Bowl Cleaner - vooki.in
Toilet Bowl Cleaner - vooki.in
Toilet Bowl Cleaner - vooki.in
Toilet Bowl Cleaner - vooki.in
Toilet Bowl Cleaner - vooki.in

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Rs. 199.00

Toilet Bowl Cleaner-Eco friendly, No Acidic Fumes

• VOOKI toilet bowl cleaner is formulated with completely biodegradable green acid , with a special protecting agent – which keeps your toilet bowl clean & shine for upto 100 flushes*

• 100 Flush Protection: The advanced formulation used forms an anti-stain film over the toilet bowl and protects further formation of yellow scale formation, stubborn stains and soil depositions upto 100 Flushes*.

• Green Chemistry: Green Acid formulation used enables easy cleaning without hard scrubbing. It eliminates limescale and longer protection against water and stains with non-toxic biodegradable ingredients.

• Biodegradable: earth friendly human safe ingredients used to make up the cleaning.

• Eco-friendly: Free of Nitrogen , Phosphorous, Halogens.

• Pleasant Fragrance: No harsh suffocating fumes during cleaning activity.

• Advanced P3 Formula penetrates the surface& cuts through the deep roots of stains and wipes it away easily without leaving any residue of either dirt or liquid. Ensures the surface clean & shine upto 100 flush cycles.

• Effortless Cleaning: The Unique formulation with biodegradable ingredients used enables easy cleaning without hard scrubbing on continuous usage of the product.

• Direction to use: use direct.


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