Goodbye Rainbow Effect: Easy Tips to Get Rid of Reflection On Glass

Goodbye Rainbow Effect: Easy Tips to Get Rid of Reflection On Glass

The rainbow effect on glass, also known as iridescence or structural coloration, occurs when light is diffracted, or bent, as it passes through the surface of a material. In the field of architecture and design, iridescent glass is often used for its aesthetic appeal, ability to create interesting visual effects & its energy-saving properties. But there are cases where this rainbow effect on glass is disadvantageous, as it can be disorienting and can make it difficult to focus on what is behind the glass.

In certain applications, the rainbow effect can also be harmful to visibility, making it harder to read text or see details through the glass. This can be especially problematic in certain types of displays or in industrial settings where visibility is critical. In architectural and design applications, the iridescent colors may clash with the surrounding decor or design or may not be in line with the desired aesthetic.

In some cases, the rainbow effect is also avoided because it can be a sign of a problem with the quality of the glass or the coating. For example, if the rainbow effect is caused by scratches or defects on the surface of the glass, it may be an indication that the glass is not of good quality, and it can also reduce the energy efficiency of the glass.


There are three ways to avoid the rainbow effect on glass:

  • Use non-reflective glass/ anti-reflective coating / polarizing film: Glass can be treated with a coating or a film to reduce glare and reflection.
  • Use laminated glass: Laminated glass is made by sandwiching a thin layer of plastic between two layers of glass. This type of glass can help to reduce the amount of light that is reflected off the surface of the glass, and it can also help to eliminate the rainbow effect.
  • Use vooki glass cleaner specifically made for cleaning all types of glass.

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