Hard Stain Spray/Degreaser-500ML

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Spray & Wipe - For toughest household stains like oil stains, food stains, crayon marks, greasy kitchen stains, exhaust, adhesive marks, etc..
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Advanced P3 formula Cuts through the hardest greasy stains

Suitable for Ceramic sinks, stove tops, kitchen counters, exhaust fan, walls, chimneys, etc..

Works on Surface stains like coffee, tea, milk, ketchup, sauce, turmeric, oil, masala, juice, vegetable marks, egg, flour stains, smoke stains, shoe marks, blood stains, rust, grease, mud, ink, crayons, lipstick marks, nail polish, poster colors, permanent marker, sketch pens, carpet stains on floor, rubber grip marks, adhesive tape marks, etc.

No harsh Chemicals (No Acid | No Ammonia | No Bleach)

  • •Unlike the mineral acids in conventional products, vooki products are made from earth friendly human safe ingredients.
  • •They are also ecologically safe as they are made from bio-degradable, organic, green acids.



  • Nature derived Non ionic Surfactant
  • Amphoteric surfactant
  • green degreaser
  • innert ingredients
  • Sequestering agents
  • Fragrance
  • Aqua


    Direction to use:

  • Spray the liquid directly on the stained surface. Wait for 30 seconds and wipe clean with a dry cloth. For heavy duty stains, spray and wait for 60 seconds

  • Application Areas:

  • Tiles, Marbles, Granite, Cement, Kitchen counter tops, Ceramic, Steel, Mica, Aluminum Glass Acrylic, Plastic, Mosaic, Facets and other washable hard surface


Does it damage the finish on hardwood floors?

No, It is highly safe on wooden floors as it is a blend on nature derived surfactant

Is it safe to skin

yes it is safe

what are the stain that can be removed using this ?

It can remove stains like crayons, pen marks, sticker marks, soap scums, pigment stains , heavy grease and oils stains, kitchen stains, nail polish, permanent marker etc

Can kitchen exhaust fan be cleaned using this without damage ?

It is highly recommended to clean exhaust fan , does not affects any surfaces

Is it safe to marble and granite flooring ?

Yes the special nature corn oils and sugar cane derived surfactant acts only on stains but mild on the surfaces .

Does it contains bleach ?

No acid, No bleach, No alkali

can it remove soap scums ?

Yes it is one of the product which removes soap scums in balanced pH

Can it used on switches ?

Yes it does, but always use it on off condition

how to use this product ?

Spray the vooki hard stain cleaner on the stains to be removed allow it to get wet for few minutes , then clean it of using a cloth/ scrub .

Does it kills germs ?

Yes it does

Is it Eco friendly ?

Vooki Hard stain cleaner is Type 1 Eco label certified , which shows the product to be Eco friendly

Which is the best kitchen cleaner spray in India?

Hard stain remover spray is the best kitchen grease cleaner in India which is used for cleaning your chimney, gas stove, oven, walls and other stains in the kitchen. The stain remover spray for kitchen is especially effective on grease and grime because of its strong composition. Just spray the hard stain remover over greasy surfaces in your kitchen, and then wait for 5 minutes. After that, simply wipe off the stains for a clean, gleaming kitchen. Buy best kitchen cleaner spray online in India that helps in the removal of oil and grease stains, resulting in a clean kitchen.

How To Clean Italian Marble Floor?

Want to know how to clean Italian marble floor?Buy best Italian marble floor cleaner to remove stains on your floor. Mix a little amount of Vooki floor cleaning liquid into the cleaning water which is best marble floor cleaner in India. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions on thebottle's backside.

How to Remove Stains From Granite Countertop?

To remove stains from granite countertops , buy Vooki hard stains spray + wipes, the best stain remover in India, safeguard your granite countertop, a green and nature-derived product with a timeless aesthetic. It is one of the best eco-friendly products in India. A hard stain remover is used to retain the beauty of the kitchen countertops. Hard stains remover spray removes the stains in kitchen walls.

How To Remove Crayon From Wall?

Want to know how to remove crayon from walls? Buy Hard Stains spray + wipes from Vooki, to removecrayon marks from walls, and keep them shiny as far as the next art project. Best hard stain removerspray will remove crayon from walls and is used to clean hard and tough stains

How To Clean Sticky Wood Cabinets?

Kitchen cabinets become filthy very quickly due to drips and spills. When you cook, you splatter grease all over them from cake batter to olive oil. Buy hard stain sticky wood cabinet cleaner , an eco-friendly product in India to clean the hard stains.

How To Remove Stains From Dark Accessories?

Buy hard stain remover to clean your dark accessories that protects them from dirt, darkness, tarnish and scratches. Our Vooki experts have provided some useful steps to remove darkness using hard stain spray + wipes.•Take a bowl, add 3 to 4 drops of hard stain remover with a few cups of water.•Soak your accessories for 30 seconds.•Brush off lightly to get a bright look.•Take a clean cloth and wipe off your accessories.Buy hard stain remover from vooki and keep your accessories bright and clean.

Hard Stain Spray/Degreaser-500ML
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